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A gold credit card is designed for a premium credit card user and offers recognition for a higher level of income or spending. ‘Go for gold’ and compare these cards with our service.

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Benefits of a gold card

As a gold card owner, you’ll have the ability to make big-ticket purchases, as your credit limit will be higher than that of other credit cards. Since most gold cards offer a rewards program, you will qualify for points on any purchases made. The more frequent and larger your purchases, the higher the potential for earning rewards.

With an increased credit limit often comes an increased concern of fraud. However, most gold credit cards include extra security protection against fraud. Many cards also offer ‘purchase protection insurance’ covering theft, accidental damage or loss.

Are you a frequent traveller? Good news: you may receive complimentary travel insurance for bookings made using your gold credit card. This insurance is offered for both domestic and international travel and covers lost or stolen luggage and delayed flights. Some cards also include emergency medical or legal cover, offering you extra protection on your travels.

The above benefits vary between banks and lenders. To be certain of what you’ll receive, read the terms and conditions carefully when applying for your card.

How do I qualify?

The eligibility levels for a gold card are often stricter than with other cards.

  • A minimum income level is required, which will vary between lenders.
  • You must also have a flawless credit record to be eligible.

Remember: if you meet the requirements for these cards, comparing your options is going to be the easiest way to find the best deal possible.

How to compare gold credit cards

As with any credit card, a gold credit card will have interest charged on purchases and will have additional fees and charges included. It is important to understand these rates when comparing your options.

At Compare the Market, we understand the value of being informed, especially when it comes to credit cards! Stay abreast of your options for a better card by comparing with us.

Ready to look for a better deal? It’s easy to compare with us.

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