Medicare vs private health insurance

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Written by Joshua Malin
Reviewed by Steven Spicer
Updated 19 March, 2024

What’s the difference between private health insurance and Medicare?


Private health insurance

Is private insurance better than Medicare?

What they cover

What does private health insurance cover that Medicare doesn’t?

How does private insurance work with Medicare?

Pros and cons of Medicare and private health insurance

Advantages of private health insurance

Disadvantages of private health insurance

Advantages of Medicare

Disadvantages of Medicare

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Steven Spicer
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As the Executive General Manager of Health, Life and Energy, Steven Spicer is a strong believer in the benefits of private cover and knows just how valuable the peace of mind that comes with cover can be. He is passionate about demystifying the health insurance industry and advocates for the benefits of comparison when it comes to saving money on your premiums.

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