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Australian Unity health insurance at a glance

  • Australian Unity private health insurance is a member-owned health fund with a focus on Real Wellbeing
  • Access a range of health programs dealing with issues such as mental health, living with chronic conditions, parenthood support and more#
  • See any recognised* healthcare provider for extras services
  • Offers Preventative Health Services like weight loss and quit smoking programs to promote a healthy lifestyle

About Australian Unity health insurance

Australian Unity was established as Australia’s first member-owned health fund in 1840. Since 2000, Australian Unity has been partnered with Deakin University to measure the real wellbeing of Australians through the Australian Unity Wellbeing Index.

What does Australian Unity health insurance cover?

Australian Unity private health insurance provides a range of combined hospital and extras, hospital only and extras only policies for singles, couples, families and single parents. With Australian Unity, you can include your children (including adopted or foster children) as dependants until they turn 31, as long as they are not married or in a de-facto relationship. The type of family cover you need will depend on whether any children aged between 23-31 are full-time students.

Hospital cover

With Australian Unity hospital cover, you’re covered for treatment as a private patient when the treatment is listed on the Medicare Benefits Schedule and is covered on your hospital policy. Australian Unity has a range of Basic Plus, Bronze Plus, Silver Plus and Gold tiered policies for people at all life stages. With Australian Unity’s Gap Cover Scheme, you can reduce or remove out-of-pocket costs for selected hospital cover policies when receiving certain care.

Extras cover

With Extras cover from Australian Unity, you can be covered for treatments out of hospital that aren’t listed on the Medicare Benefits Schedule. This includes services like dental, optical and physiotherapy.

Australian Unity offers four levels of extras products: Base Extras, Mid Extras, Active Extras and Prime extras. Each policy offers cover for a range of healthcare services with benefits and annual limits tailored to various circumstances and life stages. On their Mid, Active and Prime Extras policies, you’re covered for 100% of the cost of optical and selected dental services when treated through their No Gap Dental Network. Plus, benefits claimed as No Gap Dental on these products do not count towards the yearly limit.

Australian Unity also offers a range of Combination covers that include hospital and extras cover – for more information about these, please refer to the product fact sheets.

Why choose Australian Unity health insurance?

  • 4% discount when you pay your premiums by direct debit
  • Take advantage of a range of members’ discounts and rewards with their Wellplan
    Rewards program
  • Pay nothing on select dental services when you’re treated through Australian Unity’s No Gap Dental Network

Frequently asked questions

Is ambulance cover included with Australian Unity health insurance?

Yes, all Australian Unity Hospital, Combination and Extras products cover you for unlimited Emergency Ambulance Transportation to hospital (where coded and invoiced as an emergency). All products also include two ambulance attendances per person per calendar year, where you’re not taken to hospital.

Benefits are not payable if the ambulance service is already covered by your state scheme/ambulance subscription.

Does Australian Unity health insurance cover pre-existing conditions?

Yes, Australian Unity will cover you for pre-existing conditions, provided the service is covered on your policy, and you’ve served the relevant waiting periods. For hospital services relating to a pre-existing condition, waiting periods are 12 months across all health funds.

If you’ve already served a waiting period for your pre-existing condition with a previous health fund, you won’t have to re-serve your waiting period with Australian Unity if the service has similar or lower benefits. A pre-existing condition also won’t affect your waiting periods or eligibility for extras services.

Does Australian Unity health insurance have waiting periods?

For hospital cover, the waiting periods are standard: 12 months for pregnancy and birth (if covered) and pre-existing conditions (excluding psychiatry, palliative care and rehab) and 2 months for everything else.

The waiting period for extras products typically range from 0-12 months except for services which have no waiting period including: ambulance (attendance/ emergency transportation), dental (preventative/ diagnostic services), weight loss programs, home nursing, on-site accommodation, cervical cancer vaccinations, quit smoking, personal health coaching, doctor health checks and travel vaccinations.

If you are transferring from another registered Australian private health insurance fund, you need to take out health cover with us within 30 days of cancelling your old policy to ensure continuity of cover. A gap in cover greater than 30 days means that you will have to re-serve all waiting periods. Days without hospital cover may be considered absent days for Lifetime Health Cover purposes, and you may also impact your liability for the Medicare Levy Surcharge.

When you transfer with us at Compare the Market, we will provide Australian Unity with your previous fund details. With your permission Australian Unity will request a Transfer Certificate from your previous fund. The certificate confirms waiting periods already served on your previous cover. If your new benefits are greater than previous fund benefits you may have to serve waiting periods for the additional benefits. Extras claims you have made in this calendar year will be deducted against the yearly benefit limits for equivalent services, until they reset on 1 January where relevant lifetime limits will also be deducted.

How do I make a health insurance claim with Australian Unity insurance?

For services covered on your extras policy, you can

  1. claim on-the-spot through your healthcare provider’s HICAPS machine.
  2. submit a claim for reimbursement through the
    • online members portal
    • Australian Unity app
    • phone or mail.

For hospital claims, the hospital will typically reach out to Australian Unity directly to settle the bill or if you prefer you can submit medical claims for reimbursement via the methods listed above.

How can I pay for my Australian Unity health insurance and is it cheaper to pay my premium annually?

You can pay your Australian Unity premiums by direct debit or account notice.

When you pay by direct debit, you’ll receive a 4% discount on your premiums. You can pay fortnightly, monthly, quarterly and yearly.

When you pay using your account notice, you’ll receive a 2% discount when you pay half-yearly and a 4% discount when you pay annually (this discount is not applicable to Overseas Visitors Cover). You can make payments by account notice through the mobile app, online portal, Bpay and over the phone.

Do I have to pay an excess with Australian Unity health insurance?

Yes, you will typically have to pay an excess when you’re admitted to hospital and claim on your private health insurance.

On all Australian Unity hospital policies, you can choose to pay an excess. If you choose a higher excess, you will pay a lower premium and vice versa. On most products, the excess will only apply once per person per calendar year and no excess will apply for dependants.

Some products also include co-payments. More information about excesses and co-payments is available on the product Fact Sheets.

How do I cancel my Australian Unity health insurance?

To cancel your Australian Unity health insurance, you’ll need to contact their customer service team and they’ll walk you through the process. Depending on your reason for wanting to cancel, you might want to consider suspending your cover instead.

When you suspend your cover, you don’t have to pay any premiums and won’t be covered, but you also won’t accrue any days without cover towards the Lifetime Health Cover loading. You also won’t have to re-serve any waiting period when you reinstate your cover.

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# Available on selected covers. Eligibility criteria may apply.

* They only pay benefits when you see a recognised provider in a private practice. Providers recognition conditions apply.

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