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Chiropractic healthcare is well known in Australia, due in large part to a reputation for treating back pain, neck pain, and more.1 But did you know you that some health insurance policies allow you to you can claim treatment from a recognised chiropractor on your health insurance?

Let’s take a closer look.

What is chiropractic therapy, and what does it treat?

A chiropractor treats patients by manipulating the spine and joints to address musculoskeletal issues. Treatment can involve the application of pressure (by hand or instrument), adjusting the body’s position, and more. One chiropractor describes spinal manipulation therapy as ‘a therapeutic intervention performed on vertebral joints in the spinal column to alleviate pain’.2

That’s one of the key aims of chiropractic care: to reduce pain and discomfort. One in five Aussies live with chronic pain,4 so any therapy designed to reduce such pain may dramatically improve their quality of life.

According to BetterHealth.vic.gov.au, chiropractic therapy can treat the following:

  • back injuries and pain
  • headaches and migraines
  • joints issues (e.g. knees, shoulders, extremities)
  • period pain/cramps
  • posture issues
  • sciatica (i.e. shooting pains in the leg)

There is evidence that show that chiropractic therapy is well placed to treat pain. However, it must be carried out by a professional for it to be effective and safe, and therapies should be restricted to those based on evidence.2

In short, you should seek out a chiropractor with a good reputation.

When do you need to see a chiropractor?

In 2008, ABS reported, “Just under one-third (32%) of people who had visited a complementary health therapist had also visited a doctor in the previous two weeks, rising to 63% who had visited a doctor in the previous three months.”3

While this is old data, it’s good to see that many Aussies consulted with a variety of professionals about their health – and you should as well.

If you’re finding you have a persistent health issue, see your GP and ask for advice. And then, explore your options from there.

How can I claim this kind of care on my insurance?

You’ll need an extras policy that includes chiropractic cover, as it is not covered under the Medicare Benefits Scheme.5

If you had a quick look through our website, you’ll see that this type of cover can be pretty good value. Many policies (as of 2016) have waiting periods of only two months before you can begin claiming on chiropractic benefits.

(Keep in mind that these periods vary from product to product.)

Additionally, Aussies can claim several hundred dollars worth of treatment per year (again, this depends on the policy). But be careful, sometimes chiropractic cover is subject to a ‘group limit’; for example, you can only claim $200 in total for physiotherapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, and remedial massage. You may also be able to claim in the clinic using HICAPS.

Ready to learn more? Compare private health insurance on our site, and don’t forget to check the policy brochure before signing up!


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