What is rideshare insurance?

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Last updated March 19, 2024

Expert tips for rideshare insurance

Adrian Taylor
Executive General Manager – General Insurance

Let your insurer know you’re using your car for business use

If you work as a rideshare driver and use your car for private commuting, it’s important that you tell your insurer so you can be covered for business use as well as private and commuting use.

You may need to adjust your existing car insurance policy to suit the change of use

Policyholders who are on a low-kilometre policy and plan on using their vehicle for ridesharing may want to consider talking to their insurer first, as this policy may no longer be available to you.

Consider upgrading to a comprehensive car policy

Your current insurance provider may not provide cover for rideshare driving unless you upgrade to a comprehensive policy. If you want to stay on a third-party policy, compare car insurance quotes to see if another insurer offers cover for rideshare driving with those levels of cover.

Consider increasing your excess to balance any increased premium

Including rideshare use in your policy can increase your premiums, even if you maintain the same level of cover. You may be able to lessen the impact by choosing a higher excess, which reduces your premiums, but keep in mind that you will have a higher excess to pay if you make a claim.

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Adrian Taylor
Executive General Manager – General Insurance

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