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AIA health insurance at a glance

  • Having AIA Health insurance gives you access to AIA Vitality, their science-backed health and wellbeing program that supports you every day to make healthier lifestyle choices.
  • 100% Excess Refund benefit on eligible policies.
  • Partnered with smiles.com.au, making dental care more affordable and accessible – up to 40% savings on dental treatments in addition to the existing extras benefits.

About AIA health insurance

AIA helps Australians lead healthier, longer, better lives and believes that health insurance should help you every day, not just when you’re sick.

What does AIA health insurance cover?

AIA health insurance offers a range of hospital and combined cover policies to suit a variety of customer needs. Whether you need just the basics or a comprehensive policy that covers you for pregnancy and birth, AIA has you covered.

Hospital cover

With AIA hospital cover, you’ll be covered for inpatient hospital treatment as a private patient for services included under your policy. They have a range of Basic, Bronze, Silver and Plus policies covering a broad selection of clinical categories.

Extras cover

To get extras with AIA, you will need to take out a combined hospital and extras policy.

With AIA health extras products, you can access No Gap Dental benefits on selected treatments when you see a smile.com.au dentist. AIA extras also offer a range of services to help improve and maintain your health and wellbeing (when they’re recommended by your doctor). These include swimming lessons, weight management programs, smoking cessation programs and more.

This information is current as of January 2023. For the full details of the policies offered by AIA, refer to their policy fact sheets and their member guide.

 Why choose AIA health insurance?

  • Engage with AIA Vitality and unlock more health insurance benefits, like 100% Excess Refund, 10% Extras Boost, an ongoing 5% discount off your health premiums and more.
  • Earn a great range of rewards every membership year – such as hundreds of dollars in e-gift cards or cashback. Plus, enjoy discounted gym memberships, cashback on eligible Virgin Australia Flights and more!
  • No Gap Dental on select dental treatments when you see a smile.com.au dentist.
  • AIA has agreements with most private hospitals throughout Australia.

Frequently asked questions

Is ambulance cover included with AIA health insurance?

All AIA hospital and combined cover products will cover you for emergency ambulance transport via land, sea or air to an Australian hospital. You will also be covered for emergency treatment by paramedics on the scene (limited to two on-site call outs per year).

Does AIA health insurance cover pre-existing conditions?

Yes, AIA will cover you for hospital treatments relating to your pre-existing condition, provided your policy covers the treatment and you’ve served the relevant waiting periods (typically 12 months for pre-existing conditions). However, if you’ve already served your waiting periods with a previous fund, you won’t need to reserve them if you’re taking out the same level of cover.

Pre-existing conditions won’t affect your extras cover waiting periods or your ability to claim on extras services.

Does AIA health insurance have waiting periods?

Yes, AIA hospital insurance policies have the standard waiting periods of 12 months for pre-existing conditions and 2 months for everything else. Palliative care, psychiatric and rehabilitation services will only have a 2-month waiting period regardless of any pre-existing conditions.

Waiting periods under AIA extras policies vary between 2 and 12 months, depending on the policy you choose and what benefits are covered. Longer waiting periods are typically reserved for more expensive services like major dental, orthodontics and hearing aids.

How do I make a health insurance claim with AIA insurance?

When you receive treatment in a participating hospital for services covered by your policy, the hospital will send the bill directly to AIA, who will pay it on your behalf. The hospital will typically reach out to you to pay any excess or patient co-payment, or request payment prior to admission.

To make a claim on your extras policy, you can simply scan your AIA membership card at your healthcare provider’s HICAPS machine. Alternatively, you can complete an online claims form through AIA’s member portal or download the claim form from their website and email it to them.

How can I pay for my AIA health insurance and is it cheaper to pay my premium annually?

You can choose to pay your AIA health insurance premiums fortnightly, monthly or annually by direct debit from a credit card or bank account. While AIA doesn’t offer a discount for premiums paid annually, you may be able to save by locking in a lower rate before the annual premium increase.

Do I have to pay an excess with AIA health insurance?

Yes, you will typically need to pay an excess when you’re treated as a private patient in hospital for a service covered by your policy. However, by engaging with the AIA Vitality program, you could be refunded 100% of your hospital excess if, at the time you’re admitted, you’ve held an AIA health insurance policy for at least six months prior and your AIA Vitality status is Silver or above.

How do I cancel my AIA health insurance?

To cancel your AIA health insurance policy, all you have to do is contact AIA’s Member Services Team and they will walk you through the cancellation process. If you decide to leave, they will provide you with your transfer certificate within 14 days of your cancellation request.

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