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Frank Health Insurance at a glance

  • Not-for-profit backed by GMHBA
  • Offers simple health insurance since 2009
  • Service is entirely online with no branches
  • Members can choose their favourite registered healthcare provider – you can still claim on your preferred dentist, optometrist or physio
  • Members receive a percentage back on their extras (depending on their level of cover), regardless of who they see

About Frank

Since October 2009, Frank Health Insurance offers Australians simple health insurance solutions that not only offer great value but are easy to understand. With the backing on GMHBA, a trusted not-for-profit health insurer who has been in the game since 1934, Australians can rely on Frank for cutting-edge insurance solutions.

The health fund’s entire business model is online, which means no more lining up in branches during your lunch break and no more wasted paper. By saving on overheads, members can enjoy great-value policies with a range of features, including:

  • exclusive optical discounts at certain retailers through Frank’s extras policies;
  • 24/7 online service. Frank’s Member’s Area allows you to submit claims, check extras limits, update details or download your tax statement; and
  • Frank Hospital Rewards. A loyalty program helps keep hospital out-of-pocket expenses low. Reward dollars are accrued each year you have hospital cover and will automatically help minimise the cost of out of pockets if you go into hospital (subject to T&Cs).

What does Frank cover?

Frank provides hospital, extras or combined cover, as well as Overseas Visitor Health Cover (OVHC) and ambulance cover.

Hospital cover

Frank’s hospital policies range from basic to more comprehensive levels of cover to suit a range of needs and budgets. A lower-level policy can cover your admission as a private patient and some basic hospital treatments, which typically have certain restrictions. A higher level of cover will provide benefits towards expensive services, like joint replacement and obstetrics.

To find out more about what Frank’s policies cover, read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS). This will outline full information on benefits under each cover option, as well as any restrictions and exclusions.

Extras cover

Otherwise known as ancillary cover, Frank’s extras policies provide cover for treatments that aren’t usually covered, or subsidised, by Medicare. These include dental, optical, physio, chiro and more.

Frank’s extras policies work on a percentage-back system. So, whatever the provider charges you for an eligible service, Frank will pay the percentage back that is included on your cover up to your annual limits.

For example, if you’re charged $60 for a treatment, you’ll receive $30 back if you’ve taken out extras with 50% back, or $48 on extras with 80% back, provided you have not exceeded your annual limit.

Ambulance cover

In some states and territories, ambulance costs are covered by the local government, whilst in other places, it’s recommended you take out a subscription to cover the cost of all ambulance transport.

As such, if your ambulance costs aren’t already covered by your state or territory government, you can claim the cost of your ambulance subscription with some of Frank’s cover options.

Other policy options will include cover for emergency ambulance cover throughout Australia without the additional subscription being required.

Bundled cover options

Frank offers pre-packaged cover that includes both hospital and extras benefits.

Overseas Visitor Health Cover

Those planning to move to Australia on a temporary visitor’s visa may need to take out health insurance to satisfy their visa requirements. Frank offers OVHC Insurance designed for those who are applying for, or are on, a:

  • 457 Temporary Work Visa
  • 482 Temporary Skill Shortage Visa
  • 485 Temporary Graduate Visa.

Visitors can also take out an extras policy.

N.B. Always read every policy’s Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for information on waiting periods, features, benefits, terms and conditions before deciding to purchase.

Claiming options

Frank provides the following claiming options for extras benefits:

  • swipe your membership card to claim on the spot at participating extras providers. This is called the Health Industry Claims and Payment Service (HICAPS);
  • claim through online member services; and
  • post your claim form to Frank.

For hospital claims, the hospital usually sends the bill to Frank for payment.

Can you manage your Frank policy online?

Yes, Frank has a 24/7 online service that allows members to check extras limits, submit claims, update their details or download their tax statement. You can also make a payment with VISA or Mastercard through this member’s portal as well.

Why choose Frank?

Frank understands health insurance is confusing. That’s why they ditch complex industry jargon and talk straight to their customers with clear, affordable policies. Frank goes a little further to serve their members by also offering a range of services, like exclusive discounts and loyalty rewards.

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