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Frank health insurance at a glance

  • Frank private health insurance is Australia’s leading not-for-profit online health fund
  • Backed by GMHBA, a regional private health insurer with over 85 years of experience
  • Partnered with AHSA Gap Cover and Smile.com.au to bring savings to their members
  • Frank has been providing members with simple, easy to understand health insurance since 2009.

About Frank health insurance

As one of Australia’s leading not-for-profit health funds, Frank health insurance makes its members their priority, not their shareholders. Frank invests the premiums you pay into bringing you better quality products at an affordable price.

What does Frank health insurance cover?

Frank health insurance offers a variety of hospital, extras and combined cover products for people at all life stages. Frank believes in freedom of choice when it comes to health insurance.

Hospital cover

Frank hospital insurance covers you when you’re treated as a private patient in hospital and the treatment is listed on the Medicare Benefits Schedule. Frank has a full range of cover options with Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Plus tiered policies.

Extras cover

Frank extras insurance covers you for treatments as an outpatient that aren’t covered by Medicare. Whether you want a percentage or fixed benefit, Frank has a range of basic, middle or top-level extras to suit you.

Because Frank believes in giving their members more choice, you can receive treatment from any registered provider and Frank will pay the same benefit. Depending on the policy you choose, you could also receive up to 100% back on optical ( Simple, Everyday and More Extras) and orthodontics (More Extras only).

Why choose Frank health insurance?

  • Frank is on a mission to make health insurance easy for you.
  • Straight forward products, telling you what you’re covered for.
  • Simple and affordable health insurance and nothing else.

Frequently asked questions

Is ambulance cover included with Frank health insurance?

With a Frank private health insurance policy, you’re covered for emergency ambulance services on select policies. However, you may still require a subscription with your state ambulance service for full coverage.

Members who hold an eligible Frank extras policy may be able to claim some of the cost of their ambulance subscription. It is important to refer to the policy brochure for further information. If you live in NSW, ACT, QLD or TAS, you may be covered for free by your state government. Read more on ambulance services here.

Does Frank health insurance cover pre-existing conditions?

Yes, you’ll still be covered by Frank health insurance if you have a pre-existing condition, but you will likely need to serve a 12-month waiting period before you can claim on hospital treatment relating to your condition. However, if you’ve already served your waiting period with a previous health fund, you won’t need to re-serve it for the same or lower level of cover.

Does Frank health insurance have waiting periods?

Yes, waiting periods will apply on Frank health insurance products. For hospital cover, the waiting periods are standard across all health funds. These are 12 months for pregnancy and pre-existing conditions (except psychiatric, rehab and palliative care) and 2 months for everything else.

For extras cover, Frank’s waiting periods are:

12 monthsMajor Dental



Podiatric Surgery

Hearing Aids

Blood Glucose Monitors

6 monthsOptical
2 months Everything else

How do I make a health insurance claim with Frank insurance?

When you make a claim for treatment in hospital there are typically two different accounts that need to be paid. These are claimed differently. For the hospital account, the hospital will usually bill Frank directly. If the hospital does send you a bill, simply send it directly to Frank. For your doctor’s account, your doctor or specialist may also bill Frank and Medicare directly. However, if you do receive a bill, you will need to make a ‘two-way’ claim through Medicare.

When you claim on your extras products, you can simply scan your membership card at your provider’s HICAPS machine. If your provider doesn’t have a HICAPS machine, you will have to pay your bill in full and lodge a claim later either online or with a claims form.

How can I pay for my Frank health insurance and is it cheaper to pay my premium annually?

No, you won’t receive a discount for paying your premiums annually. However, you could potentially save when you pay annually by locking in a lower rate before the yearly premium rate rise. You can pay your premiums with a direct debit from a bank account or credit union account.

Do I have to pay an excess with Frank health insurance?

Yes, you will most likely need to pay an excess when you claim on your Frank health insurance policy for treatment received as a private hospital patient. Depending on your policy, you can elect to pay a $500 or $750 excess, which you will only have to pay once per person per year on hospital admission. If you choose to pay a higher excess, you will pay a lower premium in return.

How do I cancel my Frank health insurance?

To cancel your Frank private health insurance membership, simply give them a call, and they will walk you through the cancellation process. If you are cancelling due to financial hardship, you may be able to temporarily suspend your membership instead or move to a lower level of cover. Frank’s high-quality customer service team will take you through your options or cancel your cover for you if that’s what you decide.

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