Luxury car insurance

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Written by Kenneth Young
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Updated March 21, 2024

Insurance tips for your luxury vehicle from Adrian Taylor

As Compare the Market’s car insurance expert, Adrian Taylor has these tips for luxury car owners navigating insurance for their vehicle.

Adrian Taylor
Executive General Manager – General Insurance

Install security devices in your car for added safeguarding

Installing immobilisers and car alarms (if your vehicle doesn’t come with them already) can not only help deter thieves, but it may help lower your insurance premiums.

Restrict younger drivers from getting behind the wheel

Young drivers cost more to insure, so you can lower your insurance costs if you restrict the age of drivers where possible. This means you wouldn’t let anyone below a certain age, such as 25, drive your prestigious car.

How insurance for a luxury car works

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How much does insurance for a prestige car cost?

What is standard comprehensive insurance with an agreed value?

Why should I get insurance for my prestige car?

Further information

What is considered a luxury or prestige car?

Can I get insurance for my luxury car from every provider?

How can I save on my prestige car insurance premiums?

Even the most basic luxury or prestige car models will typically incur significant insurance fees on top of a hefty price tag and upkeep costs. However, there are some very simple ways you can save on insuring your high-powered beauty.

These include:

  • Securing your car. Keeping your luxury vehicle in a garage or other secured car park will both help to protect it from theft and potentially reduce the cost of your car insurance.
  • Choosing a driver age restriction. Restricting the age of the youngest driver could also bring down the cost of the premium.
  • Upping your excess. One common way to reduce your premiums is to increase your excess. Just keep in mind that whatever amount you choose as your excess is what you’ll need to pay if you make a claim.
  • Paying annually. Most insurance providers offer lower premiums if you choose to pay them as one, annual sum instead of regular instalments.

Meet our car insurance expert, Adrian Taylor

Adrian Taylor
Executive General Manager – General Insurance

As Executive General Manager of General Insurance at Compare the Market, Adrian Taylor is passionate about demystifying car insurance for consumers, so they have a better understanding of what they’re covered for. Adrian’s goal is to make more information available from more insurers, to make it easier to compare and save.