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Our pets are part of the family. Because of this, we’re willing to provide them with the best healthcare possible. The cost of this care isn’t necessarily cheap.

This is why pet insurance can be such a great investment, especially a comprehensive pet insurance. High-level cover can help pay for vet bills, as well as any accidents or illnesses your pet may suffer. All you need to focus on is getting them back on their feet.

What is comprehensive pet insurance?

A comprehensive pet insurance policy offers the highest level of cover available. For top of the line cover, it’ll cost you an average of $60 or more per month, according to ASIC^. A typical comprehensive policy lets you claim between $8,000 and $12,000 per year/condition, according to ASIC.

Be sure not to confuse this type of policy with an accident & illness cover. Insurers will give it a name like ‘Accident & Illness Plus’ to show that it’s a comprehensive product.

Benefits of a comprehensive policy

One of the biggest selling points for a comprehensive policy is coverage for routine treatment. This can contribute to a range of regular treatments. The price for insurance is greater each month, but perhaps the cost savings from the benefits above will ensure your new policy is better value for money in the long term.

Depending on your policy, you may get to enjoy some of the following benefits.

  • Behavioural management classes
  • Choose your own vet
  • Dental cover
  • Emergency kennelling (if you end up in hospital for an extended period)
  • Insure more than one pet
  • Adjustable annual claim limits (so you can save money on premiums)
  • Micro-chipping
  • Tick paralysis treatment
  • Worming treatments

If you decide that a comprehensive policy is ‘too much insurance’ for you, there’s accident only and accident & illness policies to choose from too. Before you make your decision, take a look at each type of pet insurance.

^ Monthly averages sourced from ASIC (2016, December 13th). Pet insurance. moneysmart.gov.au/insurance/pet-insurance

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