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‘Veteran car’ is a definition used for motor vehicles made before 1 January 1919 – or to be more precise, before the end of World War One and the start of the first era of mass-produced cars.

In many cases, such vehicles are considered historical artefacts, and therefore require a special level of car and financial protection. This is why we highly recommend getting veteran car insurance.

What does veteran car insurance cover?

While features and benefits differ between providers, veteran car insurance commonly covers the following events:

  • Accidental damage. If your veteran car gets damaged as the result of an accident, your insurer can foot the repair or replacement costs.
  • Loss or damage by fire. Your insurer might provide financial cover up to your vehicle’s agreed value if it sustains considerable fire damage.
  • Legal liability. This varies between policies, but you could get covered for up to $20 million worth of legal liability against the loss or damage to someone else’s property caused by your vehicle.
  • Laid up cover. If you’re restoring your veteran car, but not taking out on the road, you get storage and transit protection. This means you could be paying less premium.
  • Storm or flood damage. As with most classic car insurance policies, veteran car insurance can cover the repair or replacement of your vehicle if it suffers flood or storm damage.
  • Theft or attempted theft. Your provider could foot the costs associated with the repairs to your vehicle if it was stolen and later recovered in a damaged condition.
  • Damage to modifications. Your insurer can cover the repairs or replacement of any modifications or fittings to your car if they get damaged by fire, flood, storm or a vandalism act, or get stolen when they are noted. Being a motoring enthusiast, they don’t penalise you for these modifications.
  • Vandalism or malicious act. If your veteran car suffers damages from a vandal attack, your insurer is obliged to provide repairs cover.
  • Windscreen or window glass damage. You can extend your veteran car policy to include one excess free windscreen/glass claim per year.
  • Emergency repairs to your car. Most insurers cover emergency repair costs to a predetermined limit.
  • With veteran cars, you automatically retain the wreck if your vehicle is written off in an accident. You can either restore the wreck or sell it for parts after you’ve retrieved it.

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