Understanding the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card

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Updated 08 March, 2024

What is the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card?

The Commonwealth Seniors Health Card (CSHC) is a senior’s health care card supplied by the Federal Government through Services Australia. It helps discount the cost of some prescription medications and provides access to bulk-billed doctor visits, plus additional concessions from state and local governments like cheaper public transport.

You’ll need to meet some eligibility criteria to receive a CSHC, including being over a certain age and earning income under a set annual threshold.

You may also be eligible for a low-income health care card or a seniors card from your state or territory government, which can be held in conjunction with the CSHC.

Getting a card

Who qualifies for a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card?

How do I apply for the CSHC?

How does my income affect my eligibility for a CSHC?

Is there an asset test for the CSHC?

How it works

What are the benefits of the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card?

Does the CSHC cover services that Medicare doesn’t?

Does the CSHC give me discounts on energy bills or public transport?

Is the CSHC the same as the Pension Concession Card?

Medicare and PBS Safety Nets

If you need to see a doctor or specialist and take prescription medications regularly, you could benefit from the Medicare and PBS Safety Nets. Both safety nets work slightly differently.

The Medicare Safety Net

PBS Safety Net

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