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Underwriting is the practice used by insurers to assess how risky you’ll be to insure. This process will determine whether or not you can be insured, and how much your premiums will cost you.

The underwriting outcome is generally determined by the answers you provide on your application. The insurer uses the information collected to determine the risk they’re taking on when they cover you.

So, what’s required in a life insurance application? Importantly, it requires honesty. For example, if you have medical conditions, you need to list them. Otherwise, you risk being denied a claim later on.

What you’ll be asked when comparing life insurance on our website

  • Name
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • What type of cover you’re interested in
  • What level of cover you require
  • Smoker status
  • Occupation
  • Postcode
  • Contact details

With this information, we can produce a list of insurance policies for you to compare.

Once you’ve selected one that looks right for you, or you want to speak to a professional, you can either organise for a call back, or ring us directly. The specialist will then collect a little more information from you to complete any pre-assessing necessary before you complete the application (e.g. hobbies, financial status, health status, banking details, etc.)

Medical examinations may need to be organised for your application, to demonstrate that an expert has signed off on any health conditions you have.

Can you apply for life insurance without going through underwriting?

You could, but the product may not be as tailored to your needs as it could be. That doesn’t mean they’re not worthwhile, it just means you may have to do a little extra investigation yourself to double check if it’s the right product for you.

Why is underwriting important?

The way your life insurance is underwritten is incredibly important for so many reasons. If it’s not assessed correctly, either yourself or your family will be the ones that miss out in the long term. It’s an insurance product you’ll typically have for many years, and if the policy is underwritten incorrectly, you’re short-changing your investment.

Getting the right life insurance comes down to finding the right policy among many, and understanding the process in full. Learn about the process of getting life insurance here, or narrow the search by comparing policies on our website.

The information provided here is general only and does not consider your personal objectives, financial situation or needs. Before you decide to purchase a product, it is important to read the relevant PDS.

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