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James McCay

James is a devoted husband, father, animal lover and history buff (particularly medieval history). He studied Creative and Professional Writing at QUT, and is often buried in a book. James also enjoys historical re-enactment, spending time with his dogs, and making furniture out of reclaimed wood. He hopes to make a positive difference for readers through his writing.

Stories by James McCay

6 Mar 2019 14:31

Are kit homes a solution to Australia’s housing affordability crisis?

Written by James McCay

House prices fell across Australia in 2018, but research shows that housing affordability remains a major concern for Australians. Could alternative home designs such as kit homes be the answer?

19 Feb 2019 17:14

Can everyday Aussies really retire comfortably?

Written by James McCay

A 2018 report by Melbourne-based Grattan Institute presented findings that seemed too good to be true: those who work can expect to receive 91%1 of their income as their retirement income, which is well above the Organisation for Economic Co-operation...

19 Feb 2019 15:31

Pharmacy immunisations: What you need to know

Written by James McCay

Starting from 1 January 2019, authorised pharmacists in New South Wales will be able to offer certain vaccinations covering a range of illnesses. Learn more about immunisations in pharmacies, the National Immunisation Program, and if private health insurance could provide any cover.

6 Feb 2019 16:52

Struggling to pack healthy school lunches? Check out our top meal ideas

Written by James McCay

Are you struggling to prepare healthy lunches for your kids now that the new school year has begun? With schools and day-care centres across the country cracking down on unhealthy lunchboxes, now's the time to learn how you can pack nutritious food for your kids without breaking the bank.

1 Feb 2019 12:43

Multiple sclerosis medication now on the PBS

Written by James McCay

From the 1st of January 2019, a new medication to help treat relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS) has been added to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme to help make it more affordable for those living with this debilitating condition. Read on to learn more.

25 Jan 2019 09:53

How to keep your pets cool in summer

Written by James McCay

During these blistering summer days, our pets will be feeling the heat just as much as we do. To help you take care of your beloved pet, we've put together a guide of our top tips to keep your animals cool during hot Australian summers. Read on to learn more.

21 Jan 2019 10:56

Top 10 Australia Day essentials for less

Written by James McCay

Australia Day is almost here. To help you get the most out of Australia Day, we've put together a list of our top 10 essentials so you'll be ready to join in the fun without spending too much. Read on to see what our tips are and where to find a good price on some quintessential Australia Day necessities.

3 Jan 2019 16:37

4 of the best ways to save in the New Year

Written by James McCay

It's a new year; the perfect time to make easy changes if you're looking to save more money than you did last year. Start 2019 off on the right foot with these handy tips for life's everyday expenses.

20 Dec 2018 16:42

New Year’s resolutions: dreams versus reality

Written by James McCay

Need help keeping your resolutions, or have you already thrown in the towel? This article is for both the dreamers and the ‘realists’. Let’s find out how we can stick to our resolutions, and why it’s so hard to do in the first place!

29 Nov 2018 10:32

Electricity bills set to be slashed in 2019

Written by James McCay

Many Australians will see a dramatic dip in the price of their electricity bill in 2019 as the energy sector faces pressure to change their prices to meet new legislation.

16 Nov 2018 12:09

Do you feel like the wealthiest in the world?

Written by James McCay

Credit Suisse's Global Wealth Report for 2018 named Australia as having the highest median wealth per adult in the world. Despite this, many Australians believe we are not much better off than our grandparents were. Learn more about how Australians feel when it comes to money and the cost of living.

15 Nov 2018 12:05

How to avoid online scams & fake reviews this silly season

Written by James McCay

The silly season is looming, and recent research showing that more and more Australians are doing their shopping online. Learn what to look out for to avoid being deceived, ripped off or scammed when shopping online.

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