Cheap car insurance

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A guide to cheap car insurance

Last updated March 11, 2024
Written by Kenneth Young
Reviewed by Adrian Taylor

Tips for finding cheap car insurance

Adrian Taylor
Executive General Manager – General Insurance

Carefully consider the level of cover you need

Really consider the type of cover you need and any optional extras to suit; don’t opt for lower cover just to save on premiums, as this may come back to hurt you financially in the event of a claim.

Always read the details of your policy

Always read the full details of any new policy in the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) before choosing cover.

List drivers to avoid paying further excesses

List the drivers who’ll be driving the car, as having prospective drivers (e.g. friends or family who may use it) listed on your policy may help you avoid any additional excess if they were driving at the time of an accident.

Review your policy if you haven’t since turning 25

If you’re over 25 and haven’t reviewed your car insurance policy, you could be paying an unnecessary premium due to (previously) being considered a young driver.

Purchase online to be eligible to pay less

If you purchase your car insurance policy online, you may be eligible to pay less or receive an online discount.

The types of car insurance

Comprehensive car insurance

Third Party Fire and Theft (TPFT)

Third Party Property Damage (TPPD)

Compulsory Third Party (CTP)/Green Slip

Cheaper insurance options

How to reduce car insurance costs

Tailor-made cover

Meet our car insurance expert, Adrian Taylor

Adrian Taylor
Executive General Manager – General Insurance

As Executive General Manager of General Insurance at Compare the Market, Adrian Taylor is passionate about demystifying car insurance for consumers, so they have a better understanding of what they’re covered for. Adrian’s goal is to make more information available from more insurers, to make it easier to compare and save.