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A guide to accident-only pet insurance

Updated 2 May 2024
Written by Eliza Buglar
Reviewed by Adrian Taylor

Expert tips on accident-only pet insurance

Compare the Market’s pet insurance expert, Adrian Taylor, has a few tips for pet owners looking into accident-only pet insurance for their furry friend.

Adrian Taylor
Executive General Manager – General Insurance

Know your policy’s limits

Pet insurance policies generally pay up to a certain percentage of your pet’s medical bills – meaning you’ll have to pay the rest. Knowing your policy’s benefit percentage can help you prepare in advance of receiving the vet bill.

Choose your excess

If your accident-only policy offers this option, you may be able to choose your policy’s excess. If you pick a higher excess, your premium may decrease, and vice versa. Be sure to pick an affordable amount in either case.

Compare policies annually

It’s a smart idea to compare accident-only pet insurance policies at least every 12 months, when your policy comes around for renewal. That way, you can see how your current policy compares against others on the market, including any new deals that may be available.

What is accident-only pet insurance?

Vet examining catPet insurance with accident cover can help pay for some of your eligible vet costs or emergency care if your pet has an accident or suffers an injury. It does not cover illnesses.

Accident-only cover is considered the most basic level of pet insurance as it has fewer benefits and lower limits compared to other types of pet insurance. For example, accident-only policies may not offer optional extras and may have a lower annual claim limit. So, if your pet is no stranger to danger and you think you might claim a few times a year, you may want to consider a pet insurance policy with higher coverage and limits, like accident and illness pet insurance.

Most insurers define an accident − or accidental injury − as physical harm your pet suffers in an unexpected or unplanned event/incident. Claimable accidents for pet insurance are unrelated to any other causes or illness, including chronic and pre-existing conditions. Most insurance companies won’t cover injuries resulting from negligence or malicious intent.

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Meet our pet insurance expert, Adrian Taylor

Adrian Taylor
Executive General Manager – General Insurance

As Executive General Manager of General Insurance, Adrian Taylor knows that dogs and cats get themselves into all sorts of mischief. One part of Adrian’s work is to help empower consumers to understand how pet insurance can help save them from exorbitant vet bills when their pet gets injured or falls ill.