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1st for Women has a focus on helping women get the right cover. All the fuss has been taken out of the insurance process to make things easier and faster with no more forms to fill out ever; even if you make a claim.

1st for Women car insurance at a glance

Here’s why Australian ladies should consider getting their cars insured with 1st for Women:

  • simple levels of cover, ranging from comprehensive to third party cover; all of which offer great value
  • plenty of fantastic extras available (e.g. variable excess)

About 1st for Women

1st for Women was founded in 2003 to meet the demand of women buying their own car and taking out their own car insurance policy. 1st for Women has even grown to provide insurance on home and contents as well as roadside assistance service for members.

1st for Women’s insurance is underwritten by Auto & General Insurance Company Limited, who is a member of the Insurance Council of Australia. This backing helps customers have peace of mind when it comes to choosing a policy with 1st for Women.

Types of car insurance with 1st for Women

1st for Women offers a selection of car insurance policies to keep things simple and to suit you and your budget.

Comprehensive cover

Comprehensive is 1st for Women’s top level of car insurance cover. It covers all bases and has some optional extras for those looking for further peace of mind. This policy covers things like:

  • repair costs for your car from accidents (irrespective of who is at fault)
  • storm, flood, and hail damage
  • theft, as well as damage inflicted during attempted thefts
  • your legal liability cover in the event of an incident where you’re at fault
  • emergency transport and accommodation (if you are stranded)
  • cover for personal belongings inside the car if they are damaged in an accident
  • hire car if your car is stolen
  • replacement car if your brand new car is written off within a year of the original registration date or 20,000 kilometres, whichever is earlier.

Third Party Property, Fire & Theft

This level of coverage covers a little more than just the essentials and includes the following benefits:

  • cover for damage caused by other drivers who are uninsured (to a limited amount and where the uninsured driver is identified)
  • your legal liability should you cause accidental damage
  • cover for damage or loss from fire or theft (but not attempted theft)
  • a hire car if your car is stolen

It does not, however, cover any repair or replacement costs to your car if you are at fault (or no one is at fault) in an incident.

Third Party Property Only

For customers wanting an affordable, basic, no-frills policy, Third Party Property Only insurance from 1st for Women may be for you. It covers:

  • your legal liability should you cause accidental damage
  • damage or loss (for a limited amount) to your car from an accident with an uninsured driver where the uninsured driver is identified

Once again, you are not covered for damage to your car if you’re at fault (or no one is at fault) in an incident.

Additional options

1st for Women has valuable additional options that help put control in your hands:

  • Accident Hire Car Benefit
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Reduced Window Glass Excess
  • Restricted Driver Age Discounts
  • Variable excess so you can choose to pay a higher or lower premium
  • Annual or monthly payment options

See product disclosure statement (PDS) for full limits, terms and conditions.

Information accurate as of July 2021. T&Cs apply.

Why choose 1st for Women car insurance?

There are many reasons why 1st for Women is a great choice. With 1st for Women, you have the convenience of a network of claims assessment centres, a guarantee on all authorised repairs for as long as you own the car, and the option to pay fortnightly, monthly or annually.

1st for Women believe that good quality drivers should not have to pay a higher premium to subsidise drivers who represent a higher risk. In fact, their underwriting process is more comprehensive than most other insurers.

They are focused on ensuring that individual risks are identified accurately and assessed correctly so that they can provide the right price for their clients. So, if you’re a woman looking for great car insurance in Australia, 1st for Women just might suit you!

Always read the Product Disclosure Statement before deciding to buy.

Frequently asked questions

How are claims made with 1st for Women?

1st for Women members can make a claim using the online claims form. You can also make a claim over the phone.

Are there any excess payments with 1st for Women?

If you’re involved in an accident and the insurer deems you not at fault and the other party is identified, you won’t have to pay any excess. In other instances, you will usually have to pay the basic excess and any other additional excesses that may apply. All excesses will be listed on your Insurance Certificate.

I am a ride-share driver. Will 1st for Women cover a vehicle for commercial use?

No, 1st for Women will not insure anyone who carries passengers, or delivers other people’s goods, for payment.

How are 1st for Women policies cancelled?

1st for Women has a cancellation policy where if you cancel your insurance within 21 days of purchasing it (“cooling-off period”), and you haven’t made a claim you will receive a full refund of the premium you have paid.

If you cancel outside the cooling-off period, 1st for Women will refund any premium you have paid for the unused portion of your policy, minus an early cancellation fee (as shown in the PDS) and less any government taxes and charges.

How to switch car insurance providers

If you want to switch to a new insurance provider, you can do so at any time. Though you may have to pay a cancellation fee, switching providers might get you a better deal. Compare the Market makes switching easy, as you can compare 1st for Women’s policies against a range of leading Australian car insurance providers using our free comparison service.

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