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Carpeesh car insurance at a glance

  • Underwritten by RACQ Insurance Limited
  • Provides flexible cover options for different types of drivers
  • Has an innovative driver safety app
  • Offers competitive premiums for safe drivers
  • Has a lifetime guarantee on authorised repairs

About Carpeesh

Although Carpeesh is a fairly new car insurance company, it’s backed and underwritten by RACQ Insurance, which has been around since 1960 and has decades of experience in car insurance.

With a focus on technology, Carpeesh’s innovative app has some handy features like the ability to update your policy details, functionality to report and claim at the time of the incident, as well as a tool to see your driving trips and earn rewards for good driving.

Carpeesh also understands that modern-aged drivers use their cars for all different reasons – from driving to work to ridesharing – and offers relevant solutions for different types of drivers and car owners.

Carpeesh’s car insurance products

Carpreesh provides several car insurance options made to suit how you use your car. All Carpeesh products come with access to the Carpeesh app.

Comprehensive cover for drivers aged 26 or older, either for:

  • private use (social or recreational only, like driving to your mate’s place or the beach)
  • private and commuting use (driving socially and driving from home to work or an educational institution, plus a limited number of incidental business trips every month).

Cover for young drivers aged 25 or younger (including red and green P drivers)

This product covers private use and travel between home and work or educational institution.

Specific cover for listed drivers who use their private car for work

If you use your own car for doing your job , e.g home visit nurse, there’s cover for your work and private use.

Cover for drivers of cars used privately and part-time for ridesharing apps

This product covers drivers who use their car part-time for ridesharing apps with passengers but doesn’t cover drivers for cars that are used full-time or exclusively for rideshare, food delivery, chauffeur or taxi purposes.

Carpeesh car insurance benefits

Carpeesh’s car insurance products include a range of useful benefits. However, some of these benefits may be subject to conditions and limits, and may not come standard on every product.

Make sure you check your PDS to see which benefits your product includes, and any conditions or limits that may apply.

Depending on which Carpeesh car insurance product you choose, you may get access to benefits such as:

  • hire car if your car is stolen (hire car only provided for a number of days)
  • car replacement after your car is stolen (if your car is under a certain age)
  • cover for bike or roof racks, keys, trailers (covered up to a dollar amount)
  • compensation if you’re left stranded (up to a certain amount)
  • conditional cover for personal effects (i.e. belongings left in a car).

Optional benefits available through Carpeesh car insurance

Carpeesh offers a few optional benefits for customers to add to their car insurance policy – although, these may cost extra.

If you’re on Carpeesh’s standard car insurance policy or their product for young drivers, you can add on a hire car benefit that provides you with a hire car if your car is damaged and you can’t drive it safely. Hire car cover is a standard inclusion of Carpeesh’s worker and rideshare cover products.

With this benefit included in your policy, Carpeesh will pay for a hire car for a certain period, and up to a dollar-amount limit, if your car is damaged and isn’t safe to drive.

However, Carpeesh’s hire car benefit won’t cover running costs, like fuel, tolls or any damage to the hire car. Additional conditions may apply – refer to your Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for further details.

If you have a Carpeesh car insurance policy, you can purchase a windscreen cover option, although it will cost extra and will attract an excess when you make a claim.

This benefit can cover loss or damage to your car’s front windscreen, rear window or side windows. However, it won’t cover particular scenarios, like simple scratch removal, damage to sunroofs and more – refer to your PDS for details.

If you have Carpeesh car insurance, you can choose to pay a variable excess. A higher excess will lower your premiums; although, reducing your excess will increase your premium.

Why choose Carpeesh car insurance?

Firstly, whether you’re new to driving or have never had car insurance, Carpeesh is a great insurer to choose. This is because Carpeesh doesn’t use the No Claims Bonus system, which bases drivers on a rating 1-6 system and offers discounts accordingly.

Instead, they reward good driving through using the Carpeesh driver safety app, which measures and rates your driving style and skills, and your car usage. This is done by sampling driving data and providing feedback on your recent trips.

Depending on how well you drive, this assessment will allow you to collect DrivePoints, which can potentially be used to reduce your car insurance premium. All Carpeesh customers will receive access to the app; using the Carpeesh app is a condition of your car insurance policy.

Secondly, Carpeesh provides a range of car insurance options for different drivers, whether you use your car as an Uber driver on the side or you’re on your P plates. If you have car insurance with Carpeesh, you’ll also get:

  • access to Carpeesh’s preferred repairer network
  • a choice to insure at market or agreed value
  • a variety of payment options

Thirdly, Carpeesh supports the guidelines set by the Motor Vehicle Insurance and Repair Industry Code of Conduct and has a transparent and cooperative relationship with repairers.

Because of this, Carpeesh provides a lifetime guarantee for the quality of the car repairs they’ve authorised. This guarantee covers defects due to faulty workmanship or faulty materials while you still own the car.

Lastly, the proactive attitude towards innovation and technology means Carpeesh is continually looking for ways to make car insurance easier and more affordable for customers.

By offering incentives for safe drivers and building a customer base of good drivers, Carpeesh strives to make shared roads safer and make premiums more affordable by filtering out the high costs of bad drivers.

Frequently asked questions

How do I make a claim with Carpeesh?

The easiest way to make a claim with Carpeesh is through the Carpeesh app, which allows you to report the claim at the time of the incident. You may also be able to report a car insurance claim through the Carpeesh website or by calling up the Carpeesh claims team.

If you’re in an incident with someone who has Carpeesh car insurance, you can make a third-party claim by filling out the online form with relevant information on the Carpeesh website.

Do I have to pay an excess with Carpeesh?

Yes, if you have Carpeesh car insurance, you will have to pay a default excess – although, the excess amount may differ with different states and territories. See the Premium and Excess Guide (PEG) for details.

Carpeesh customers can also choose to pay an additional variable excess – a higher excess will lower your premium, while a lower excess will increase your premium.

Depending on your situation, Carpeesh may also impose additional excesses such as:

  • age (listed driver aged 25 or younger) or inexperienced driver excess (drivers with a valid license for less than two years)
  • non-listed driver excess (if the car is driven by someone who isn’t listed on the policy at the time of the accident).

How do I manage my Carpeesh car insurance policy?

You can easily manage your Carpeesh car insurance policy through the Carpeesh app or website, which allows you to change your policy details at any time.

How do I pay my Carpeesh car insurance premium?

You typically pay your Carpeesh premiums through direct debit. With flexible payment plans, you can pay fortnightly, monthly or annually.

How do I cancel my Carpeesh car insurance policy?

The easiest way to cancel your policy with Carpeesh is to contact the company via phone or email. Carpeesh customers receive a 14-day cooling-off period, which allows you to cancel your car insurance policy with Carpeesh at no further expense.

How do I switch to great-value car insurance?

If you’re ready to switch your car insurance provider, you can use our car insurance comparison service to compare policies from a range of Aussie insurers, including Carpeesh.

All you have to do is enter a few details to get a side-by-side look at the premiums, benefits and features of relevant car insurance products on our panel.

In minutes, you could potentially find a new car insurance provider and product that benefits you and your budget.

If you find a policy you like, you can easily switch your car insurance by calling up your current insurer and cancelling your policy.

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