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eric car insurance at a glance

  • Comprehensive cover with roadside assistance included
  • 2 Year replacement vehicle – subject to kilometre limits
  • Australian company with decades of experience

About eric Insurance

eric is a motoring insurance specialist with over 20 years of experience in the industry. Australian owned and operated, eric provides insurance products designed to help customers when the unexpected happens on the roads.

Car insurance with eric

Unlike many other car insurance providers, eric offers just one type of car insurance policy: a comprehensive policy that is packed with value.

eric’s comprehensive car insurance covers the following (subject to exclusions, limits and restrictions):

  • Accidental damage to your vehicle (caused by yourself or someone else)
  • Damage you cause to other people’s property and cars
  • Fire damage
  • Storm damage
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Essential repairs if the vehicle is damaged by something covered under the policy
  • Roadside assistance
  • Emergency accommodation and transport
  • A replacement vehicle if your car is written off (so long as the car has less than 70,000 kilometres on it)
  • Towing
  • Personal effects
  • Trailer damage (while the vehicle is in use)
  • Transfer vehicle cover
  • Lost keys
  • Funeral expenses (if a driver dies in an accident while using the insured car).

For full detail on inclusions, exclusions, limits and restrictions, please refer to eric’s Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) before purchasing.

Why choose eric car insurance?

There are a few reasons why Australians choose eric for their car insurance, including, including:

  • Wide range of covered events with one policy
  • Replacement vehicle with a high kilometre limit
  • Built-in roadside assistance (no need to purchase it separately)
  • Transfer vehicle cover

Frequently asked questions

What payment options are available with eric car insurance?

You can pay for car insurance from eric either annually or monthly instalments. You can also pay your premium online through eric’s website or by contacting them by phone.

Does eric car insurance cover drivers under 25?

eric car insurance does cover drivers who are under 25 years of age. If the driver is unlisted on the policy, this means you could face an additional unlisted driver excess in addition to your basic excess.

How do I make a car insurance claim with eric?

To make a claim with eric, you can contact them by phone or by logging in through the customer portal on their website. You’ll need to provide details of the incident and may need to include photos of the incident, the contact information from those involved and any police reports that were made.

Not sure what to do when something goes wrong on the road? Our explainer on what to do in a car accident has you covered.

Will I have to pay an excess with eric car insurance?

You may have to pay a basic excess when making a car insurance claim with eric. You may incur one or more additional excesses depending on the situation. Some of these additional excesses can include:

  • An unlisted driver excess if the driver was not listed on the policy and is under 25
  • International licence holder excess if the driver only has an international licence
  • An inexperienced driver excess if the driver has only been licensed for two years or less
  • An imposed excess based on the driving history of the driver at the time and the type of vehicle

You will not need to pay an excess where it has been determined that you are not at fault and can provide details for the other party.

How do I cancel my eric car insurance policy?

If you want to cancel your car insurance with eric, you can do so by contacting them on the phone, via email or logging in to the customer website.

If you have already paid your premium and you cancel partway through the cycle (whether monthly or annually), the remaining period of insurance will be refunded to you minus any non-refundable taxes and charges.

eric also offers a 21-day cooling-off period where you can cancel, your new or renewed car insurance policy for a full refund, unless you have lodged a claim.

Does eric offer Third Party car insurance?

eric does not offer other types of car insurance, such as Third Party Fire and Theft or Third Party Property Damage.

However, eric does offer some other types of vehicular-related insurance like:

  • Used car warranty insurance. Covers the mechanical breakdown of various components for a set time frame.
  • Tyre and wheel insurance. Insurance cover for damage to tyres and wheels for punctures, blowouts and many other scenarios.
  • Motorcycle insurance. Differing levels of insurance cover for motorcycles, similar to comprehensive and Third Party Fire and Theft car insurance.
  • Off-road bike cover. Insures off-road motorcycles for fire, theft and accidental damage. Towing is an additional extra benefit that can be added to his policy.

How does eric’s car insurance cover transfer for new vehicles work?

If you sell your current car and purchase a new one, eric will transfer your current policy to the new car, saving you from having to take out a brand-new policy and cancel your current one. Your new car will need to meet eric’s criteria, and you may have to pay an additional premium.

Can I choose my repairer with eric car insurance?

eric will provide a list of authorised repairers for you to choose from when getting your car assessed following an incident. If you choose your own repairer, eric may request a comparison quote from your chosen repairer.

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