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About KOBA Insurance

KOBA Insurance is an Australian start-up aiming to ‘revolutionise’ car insurance. By using digital technology, KOBA is offering a unique car insurance policy powered by personalised data that responds to how much you use your car and gives you greater control over your car insurance policy.

Underwritten by Eric Insurance, KOBA Insurance is a member of Fintech Australia and InsureTech Australia.

How KOBA’s car insurance works

KOBA’s car insurance policy is a data-driven, real-time comprehensive car insurance policy. It works by installing the KOBA app to your smartphone and plugging in the KOBA Rider device to your car’s OBDII port.

What KOBA car insurance covers

KOBA Insurance offers customers a comprehensive car insurance policy which covers you for the following:

  • Accidental damage to your car (regardless of who’s at fault)
  • Damage to a third party’s property
  • Fire and storm damage
  • Theft and vandalism
  • Earthquakes
  • Replacement for damaged baby capsules and child seats (up to $500 for any one item & a maximum of $1,000 in total)
  • Emergency repairs (up to $500)
  • Emergency travel and accommodation costs if more than 200km from home (up to $500)
  • Hire car or alternative transport following a theft incident (up to $70 per day to a maximum of 14 days)
  • New car replacement (if you’re the first registered owner and the car is less than two years old, has travelled less than 40,000km and is written off)
  • Loss or damage to personal effects in your car at the time of an incident (up to $500)
  • Reasonable costs of towing
  • Damage to caravans and trailers while attached to your car (up to $1,000)

Your car will be insured for an agreed value determined by you and KOBA insurance. Some of these benefits will have a specific excess payment if you make a claim.

There are also optional extras available that you can add to your policy for an additional premium, such as a Hire car or Alternative transport for any incident or excess-free windscreen cover.

The cost of your car insurance with KOBA is made up of:

  • An upfront fixed cost for when your car is parked
  • A per-kilometre rate when you’re driving. At the end of each month, this rate is multiplied by the number of KMs you drive and will determine your monthly driving-time premium.

The less you drive, the less you’re likely to pay.

KOBA’s upfront fixed cost also includes an administration fee.

If a monthly payment is overdue, you will have a certain time to pay before your policy is cancelled.

Why choose KOBA for car insurance?

KOBA car insurance is tailored to the way you use your vehicle and can provide a range of comprehensive benefits for greater peace of mind while you’re on the road. By charging you based on how far you actually drive every day, you can potentially keep costs down if you drive less.

Frequently asked questions

How do I make a car insurance claim with KOBA Insurance?

If you need to make a claim, you can use the KOBA car insurance app or call their dedicated claims line. You may need to provide details of the incident such as:

  • Contact information of the people involved
  • Photos or video of the incident
  • Police reports

Is there a price limit based on how far I can drive?

There is no physical limit to how far you can drive, but there is a price cap to prevent a long road trip or occasional busy day travelling from making your next bill very expensive. The capped price is based on a set daily kilometre and monthly limit. If you exceed these limits regularly, KOBA Insurance may decide not to renew your policy.

What data does KOBA collect?

KOBA Insurance collects a range of information about your driving through their app or tracker device, including:

  • Your car’s location
  • The date and time
  • How far you’ve driven
  • How fast you’ve driven and how you accelerate
  • How smoothly you drive
  • Engine fault codes.

This information is used to help process claims and calculate your monthly car insurance premiums. KOBA Insurance will not share any of this information with a third party unless required to do so by law, as per their privacy policy.

Will there be an excess payment?

If you make a claim on your KOBA car insurance policy, you will likely have to pay a basic excess payment in addition to any other excess payments that apply, based on the circumstances of the incident.

Other excess payments can include:

  • Unlisted driver excess for anyone not listed as a regular driver on the policy
  • Age excess for drivers under 25 years old
  • A Disconnected Vehicle Data Excess if the tracker was disconnected or tampered with
  • Any excess related to a specific benefit as detailed in your Certificate of Insurance.

What if I miss a monthly payment on my KOBA car insurance?

If you miss a monthly payment, KOBA Insurance will contact you and let you know when the payment must be made before the policy is cancelled.

How do I cancel my policy with KOBA Insurance?

You can cancel your policy at any time through the KOBA car insurance app or by calling them. Your policy will be cancelled on the day you make the call. You will have to pay for the final month of your cover for the portion of the month you were insured.

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