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PD Insurance at a glance

PD Insurance thrives on keeping car insurance simple and affordable for Australian drivers. Here are three reasons why Australians choose PD Insurance:

  • a 100% online car insurance provider, designed to offer a lower cost alternative to mainstream insurers;
  • PD Insurance provides greater savings for people who exclusively drive their cars; and
  • you can manage your policy and report claims from a personal online account.

About PD Insurance

PD Insurance has been insuring Australian drivers since December 2009. Offering a 24-hour claims service and quality customer service, it’s easy to see why PD Insurance has become an insurer of choice for many Australians.

Types of car insurance offered by PD Insurance

Find a suitable level of car insurance with PD Insurance by reviewing the benefits of each type of cover below.

Comprehensive insurance

This type of policy covers a wide variety of benefits and services.

Damage or loss caused by accidents, collisions, fire, flood, hail, storms, malicious acts, theft and attempted theftNew vehicle replacement for cars less than 12 months old
Up to $20 million in third party property liability coverComplimentary hire car after theft for up to 14 days
Up to $500 for emergency repairs, and reasonable cost for debris removalThe reasonable cost of towing and storage when your vehicle is damaged in an incident
Up to $1,000 to replace keys and locksFree windscreen chip repair
Optional hire car cover following an incidentOptional excess free Windscreen/Window Glass, replacement following an incident.
Optional Vehicle Contents following an incident.Optional Excess Buster following an incident where an excess is payable, your standard excess will not require payment.
Optional 24/7 Roadside Assistance membership available
Information current July 2020. T&Cs apply.
N.B. Some of the above may only be included in a policy as added extras, at additional cost.

Third Party Fire and Theft insurance

Damage or loss caused by fire and theftUp to $20 million in third party property liability cover
Up to $5,000 for uninsured motorist damage if the other driver is not insuredComplimentary hire car after theft up to 14 days
Optional 24/7 Roadside Assistance membership available
Information current July 2020. T&Cs apply.

N.B. This level of cover is not available to newer vehicles (i.e. less than 15 years old).

Third Party Property insurance

Information current July 2020. T&Cs apply.

Up to $20 million in Third Party Property liability coverUp to $5,000 for uninsured motorist damage
Optional 24/7 Roadside Assistance membership available

Do you need to pay excess on a PD Insurance claim?

Before PD Insurance pays out your car insurance claim, you may need to pay an excess. Depending on your policy, the following may apply:

  • a standard excess. A minimum excess is owed for all claims. However, if you hold a comprehensive car insurance policy, you can increase the standard excess to certain amounts. This can lower the cost of your premiums;
  • an age excess. Drivers under 35 years of age are subject to an applicable excess.
  • an inexperienced driver excess. An excess applies to drivers who have not held an Australian driving licence for more than five years at the time of an incident.
  • an unlisted driver excess. An excess applies to drivers who are not listed on the insurance certificate  at the time of an incident.

    All excesses are listed on the insurance certificate.

Which cover extras and discounts are available?

Based on your level of cover, PD Insurance may offer additional perks, some of which include:

  • free windscreen chip repair
  • new for old car replacement for a theft or total loss within 12 months of new car registration
  • emergency repairs worth up to $500
  • removal of debris caused by an accident
  • Lifetime Repair Guarantee on all PD Insurance authorised repairers
  • Claims Free Discount if you’ve had no claims in the last five years
  • Early Shopper Discount applies to customers who obtain a quote before their policy lapses
  • Paid In Full Discount when you pay your annual premium upfront and on time.

Information current July 2020. T&Cs apply.

What are some common cover exclusions?

Keep in mind that PD Insurance will not pay out claims in the following scenarios:

  • your car is used for carrying people (ride sharing) or providing driver training, for compensation or a reward of any kind;
  • the driver is delivering retail and wholesale supplies;
  • your car is involved in races, tests or trials of any kind;
  • your car is used in an unlawful manner or illegal purposes;
  • your car is used in conjunction with any emergency services;
  • the driver exceeds the number of passengers your vehicle is permitted by law;
  • the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
  • your car is deemed unsafe or unroadworthy;
  • your car is stolen during a sale without you accompanying the buyer;
  • the driver refuses testing as permitted by law;
  • the driver does not remain at the scene of an incident;
  • the driver engages in deliberate, intentional, malicious or reckless acts;
  • there are damages caused by structural, mechanical or electrical breakdown; and
  • your car is being used off-road, on sand or on any path, trail or passageway that is not a gazetted road.

Information current July 2020. T&Cs apply.

To gain a wider understanding of what’s not covered, please refer to your policy’s Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

How do you make a claim with PD Insurance?

To make a claim with PD Insurance, you’ll need to ensure you contact them immediately following an incident. You’ll be required to report all the details of your claim either by logging on PD Insurance’s website or by calling the claims team on 1300 252 467. When lodging a claim, you’ll need to provide any supporting documentation and satisfy your policy’s claim requirements as stipulated by the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

Why choose PD Insurance?

PD Insurance is a solid choice for Aussies looking for benefits that other larger insurers may not offer. With its 100% online business model, PD Insurance’s paperless approach means less clutter and potentially more savings.

Other reasons you may consider PD Insurance:

  • many unique discounts to keep monthly or annual premiums lower
  • greater savings for people who exclusively drive their cars
  • flexible solutions to balance a premium with vehicle excess, agreed value and additional cover options
  • reliable claims support.

Frequently asked questions

How can you save on a PD Insurance policy?

You can save by opting to pay your car insurance premium annually rather than monthly, receiving benefits like claims-free discounts, or choosing a higher excess to lower your premium. What’s more, you can also save by being an exclusive driver.

How do you pay your premium?

You can pay your premiums online by credit card only.

How can you purchase from PD Insurance?

Use our free online comparison tool to explore different car insurance options from PD Insurance, as well as options from other insurers. Once you’re happy with the policy you’ve found, we’ll be happy to help you complete your purchase through our website.

Does PD Insurance have a cooling-off period?

Yes, under Australian law, you have a cooling-off period from within 14 days of taking out a policy.

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