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Momentum Energy at a glance

  • Australian-owned and operated
  • residential and business electricity plans in Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia
  • manage your account online
  • natural gas available for residents in Victoria

About Momentum Energy

Momentum Energy is an award-winning provider that prides itself on offering affordable rates and great service to residential and business customers in various states around Australia. They offer both electricity and gas to customers across Victoria and electricity in New South Wales and South Australia.  Moment Energy is owned by Hydro Tasmania – the largest producer of renewable energy in Australia.

Along with providing energy through hydroelectricity, Hydro Tasmania also owns and operates Flinders Island (a solar power generator with wind energy generation) and King Island (a solar power generator with wind energy generation and the Huxley Hill wind farm).

Some things they’re passionate about include:

  • prices that are simple and fair
  • supporting renewable energy
  • providing customer service from right here in Australia.

One of Momentum Energy’s core values is a commitment “to creating a sustainable future”. To live up to this expectation, they place great importance on adhering to and promoting sustainable practices. As proof, Momentum Energy matches the energy customers use with renewables for electricity on most plans and ensures cleaner energy is put into the national grid every year.

Services offered by Momentum Energy

Momentum Energy can help if you’re looking for electricity or gas for your home or business. What’s on offer to you will vary based on your location and there may be options to set up a direct debit online, opt for eBilling or choose your own payment method.

Electricity for homes

Electricity plans are available for customers in New South WalesVictoria, and South Australia. Depending on your location, you may have access to different types of plans. Momentum Energy provides electricity to more than 250,000 Australians.

Electricity for businesses

Whether you’re a small or medium business owner or need to compare options for a larger commercial or industrial organisation, there are various plans available through Momentum Energy to keep your company powered.

Gas for businesses and homes

Only available in Victoria, Momentum Energy offers various plans to supply gas to your home or business.

Plans for those who are on the move

There are plans available that are designed to take the stress out of moving and may even waive standard connection fees. It may also be possible to be connected within one business day.

Frequently asked questions

Why choose Momentum Energy?

Momentum Energy has proven to be a favourite among customers, winning various awards for customer service and clearest power bills. A big reason for this could be their commitment to transparency when it comes to energy prices, opting to give customers great rates instead of discounts. By doing this, Momentum Energy believes it can help Australians make better decisions.

The convenience of customer service is also a notable feature of Momentum Energy. Not only is it a 100% Australian owned and operated company, but their call centres are in Melbourne and Hobart. So, if you ever need help, you don’t have to call overseas to get it.

Finally, Momentum Energy’s customers can have the peace of mind knowing that their electricity provider has access to the most renewable energy in Australia from Hydro Tasmania. In fact, for the energy its customers use every year, Momentum strives to generate an equivalent amount through its renewable sources and put it back into the national grid. This is a wonderful extra for anyone interested in reducing their carbon footprint.

Does Momentum Energy offer concessions?

Momentum Energy offers concessions to eligible customers. It’s best to chat with them about the specific concessions on offer, as they can vary between states. Generally, you’ll need to hold a valid:

  • Department of Veterans’ Affairs Gold Repatriation Health Card
  • Centrelink-issued Health Care Card
  • Pensioner Concession Card.

Can I choose whether I pay bills monthly or quarterly?

There are various plans you can choose through Momentum Energy. Electricity has fixed monthly billing cycles, so you’ll be able to switch between monthly and quarterly. For gas, this is every two months. Always check the terms and conditions of your plan for billing information and details.

Do Momentum Energy plans have cooling-off periods?

Yes, there are cooling-off periods with all electricity and gas plans offered by Momentum Energy. By law, you have 10 business days after accepting an offer to change your mind.

Can I use Momentum Energy to connect electricity or gas to more than one property?

Yes – Momentum Energy allows you to sign up with multiple locations. However, you’ll be required to register each location separately.

Will I incur connection or disconnecting fees?

While you may see connection or disconnection fees on your bill from Momentum Energy, these are actually set by your gas or electricity distributor, passed on by the retailer. Keep in mind those on a plan designed for people who move will have these fees potentially waived by Momentum Energy.

Are there incentives if I have solar power?

Momentum Energy has feed-in tariffs (fees paid to residents and businesses that pump energy back into the grid) for eligible residents with solar PV (photovoltaic). Momentum Energy will pay you for the number of kilowatts of solar energy you produce. You may need to meet requirements around location and generating capacity to qualify.

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