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We currently do not offer energy plans from Powershop through our comparison service. See the full list of retailers we compare for more information.

Why compare energy plans?

If you’re considering switching energy retailers, comparing is a smart way to find a suitable plan that meets your energy needs. There are many reasons you might want to do this; for example, you may be unsatisfied with your current retailer and want better customer service, higher levels of green or renewable energy, or lower usage and supply charges. If this is the case, comparing energy plans can help you find a new retailer that better serves your preferences.

By comparing energy retailers at least once a year, you could potentially take advantage of plan discounts and competitive rates from various retailers and cut down on your energy bills.

How do I switch energy retailers?

With Compare the Market’s free energy comparison service, you can compare a range of energy plans in just minutes! Once you enter your details (such as your postcode), we can provide a tailored list of retailers for your area. After signing up to a new plan, you can be switched over to your new retailer in as little as two business days for electricity (gas currently takes up to 90 days), and without any disruption to your energy connection – it’s that easy!

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