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About Powershop

Since 2014, Powershop has been helping customers gain greater insight into their energy usage and how they can save. With Powershop’s innovative energy app, customers can manage their energy account, track and pay their bills, grab extra savings and access near real-time data about their energy usage – all to empower people to lower their energy usage and reduce their impact on the planet.

Services offered by Powershop

  • Powerpacks. Powershop offers ‘Powerpacks’, which are dollar amounts of power. This gives you a variety of options to pay for energy, such as purchasing your usage in advance. You can take advantage of the rewards on offer or even buy energy to benefit the environment and your community.
  • Power tracking. The Powershop app allows you to track your electricity usage and say goodbye to ‘bill shock’. The app also gives you the option to purchase power, manage your account and more.
  • GreenPower. You can choose to purchase GreenPower (power that comes from 100% GreenPower-accredited renewable energy sources) for an additional premium, which allows you to purchase as much green power as desired.
  • Solar. If you have solar panels and you connect with Powershop, you may be eligible for a feed-in tariff, where you get credited for any excess electricity your solar panels feed back into the grid.

Why choose Powershop?

As well as being supported by Shell Energy to transition to net-zero emissions, here are some other reasons why you should consider Powershop:

  • Enjoy award-winning customer service that empowers you to understand and manage your energy bills.
  • Access innovative technology to help bring down your energy usage and your environmental footprint.
  • Join a retailer supporting Australia’s energy transition with innovative and cleaner energy solutions.
  • Powershop won’t charge for smart meter installation for qualifying residents in New South Wales, South East Queensland or South Australia (unless additional onsite work is needed, such as fuse replacements, link installations or minor asbestos removal).

Frequently asked questions

When do I need to organise my Powershop connection?

If you’re moving house, you should give at least five business days’ notice to ensure you have power the moment you walk in the door. Be sure to remember to contact your old electricity provider to cancel the connection at your old place the day after you move out.

If you’re only switching to Powershop, you can go onto their website and sign up in only five minutes. You will then enter a 10 business day cooling off period, where you’re free for to cancel and remain with you current provider. After the cooling off period, Powershop will usually begin supplying electricity to your property within 10 business days (or up to 90 days if you’re in NSW).

How do I pay my Powershop bill?

You can pay your Powershop Bill via credit card, direct debit or BPAY through the website or the app. Powershop will send monthly energy bills. Your bill will list any Powerpacks you have purchased throughout the month, or in previous months.

If you have any outstanding amount owed to your account at the time your bill arrives, Powershop will automatically purchase a Top Up Pack on your behalf through your account to cover the remaining bill.

Does Powershop accept concession cards?

Yes, Powershop honours several concessions cards, including cardholders of the following:

  • Pensioner concession card
  • Health care card
  • DVA gold card

If you live in South Australia or New South Wales, then Seniors health card holders may also be eligible for concession. Whether you are eligible for a rebate will depend on your place of residence. It should also be noted that commercial properties are not eligible.

How does Powershop cater for life support equipment?

A continuous supply of electricity cannot be guaranteed; however, if you or someone you live with requires continuous energy for critical life support equipment, you should inform Powershop by filling out their section on ‘Life Support & Sensitive Load’ when switching.

Be sure to also select ‘Life Support & Sensitive Load’ in your account settings and provide details to Powershop. If you have questions or concerns, contact Powershop via phone or email.

What renewable energy options or incentives are available with Powershop?

Powershop offers renewable energy options, such as a 100% Carbon Neutral offer, and the option to purchase GreenPower for an extra premium. By choosing a plan with GreenPower you are ensuring your electricity usage is displaced with renewable energy – energy that produces no net greenhouse gas emissions.

Does Powershop offer a solar feed-in tariff?

Yes, competitive solar feed-in tariffs are available in the supporting states of Victoria, South East Queensland, South Australia and New South Wales. If you have a net meter, the value of any exported solar energy is transferred into solar credits once a month that you can then use to purchase Powerpacks.

If you want insights into exactly how much excess solar energy you’re generating and sending back to the grid, the Powershop app can help track your solar performance.

How do I cancel my energy plan with Powershop?

If you feel Powershop is unsuitable to you for any reason, you can cancel at any time. You can simply call Powershop and ask for the termination of your contract or download a cancellation form and email it to them.

Where is Powershop available?

Powershop is available is several different states, depending on your energy needs:

  • Electricity: Currently available in South East Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia.
  • Solar: Powershop offers solar feed-in tariffs in South East Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.
  • Gas: Powershop currently offers gas in Victoria and New South Wales.

Will I be cut off if I use more power than I buy?

No, you will stay connected. If your usage ends up being more than you purchased, Powershop will let you know. You will be able to buy more power, or you can let Powershop do it for you.

The flexible nature of Powerpacks means you can purchase them at any time before, during or after usage.

How do I switch energy providers?

When you compare using our service, click on your selection and the whole process will only take a few minutes. You won’t need to cancel your old service (your new provider will handle all that) and your power won’t be interrupted during the changeover.

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N.B. Information is correct as of July 2022. Please refer to the provider for the full details of their products and any updated information.

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