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Tango Energy at a glance

  • offers electricity and gas plans to households and businesses
  • electricity plans are available in Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales
  • gas plans are available in Victoria
  • flexible payment options
  • various tariff options and plans, including a 100% renewable energy plan

About Tango Energy

Tango Energy offers a range of products for families, and to businesses (both small and large), in Victoria, South Australian and New South Wales.

Tango Energy emerged on the Australian market in 2012 to support Pacific Hydro in its mission of making Australia greener. Their national headquarters and call centre are located in Geelong.

What services does Tango Energy offer?

Tango Energy offers their customers several energy plans to power their homes and businesses.

Some of these plans may include the following features (depending on your specific plan and its terms and conditions):

  • the flexibility to select your preferred payment (e.g. BPAY, online, over the phone, direct debit, in person or via mail) and bill type (e.g. in the post or via email).
  • rates that don’t increase for a specified period (Fixed Price Period or Benefit Period).
  • simple offers with no contract term.
  • customer assistance program if you need financial assistance in paying for your energy usage due to certain reasons (depending on your eligibility).

Frequently asked questions

Does Tango Energy offer concessions?

Eligible customers may be able to take advantage of concessions on their Tango Energy electricity account. For instance, you might be eligible for a concession if:

  • a member of your household is on life support;
  • you hold a Pensioner Concession Card, DVA Gold Card or Health Care Card; or
  • you’re experiencing financial hardship.

When you apply for an energy plan through our comparison service, we’ll ask if you hold any concession cards, so you can apply for any applicable rebates.

How do I switch energy providers?

If you’re looking for a better price for your energy usage in your Australian home or business premises, it’s important you compare energy plans to see what’s available.

Here’s how to do it.

  1. Before you switch providers, it’s important you check your original plan’s welcome pack so you’re aware of any exit fees. If you discover a plan that is better value than your current offer, you may determine that the savings you make outweigh any applicable exit fees (if such fees apply to you at all).
  2. When you’re ready to switch to a different plan, simply apply for it through our comparison service, and your new energy provider will take care of cancelling your current plan and you’ll receive a final bill from your previous provider.

Don’t worry; when you switch providers, your energy supply won’t be interrupted.

How do I pay my Tango Energy bill?

Tango Energy offers its customers many ways to pay, including:

  • online via your account on the tango website
  • over the phone
  • direct debit from a credit card or bank account
  • BPAY
  • in person at an Australia Post retail outlet
  • mail, with a cheque or money order addressed to Tango Energy.

Does Tango Energy offer the Solar Feed-in Tariff?

Yes, if you have a Solar PV (Photovoltaic) system installed, you can apply to receive the feed-in tariff through Tango Energy. The Feed-in tariff puts money back in your pocket for the excess electricity you generate and put back into the grid.

Why choose Tango Energy?

  • Owned by Pacific Hydro (one of Australia’s leading developers of renewable energy), Tango Energy also offers a 100% renewable electricity plan.
  • The retailer proudly states that they don’t offer confusing discounts due to their already competitive rates.
  • Simple and easy-to-read bills.
  • No lock-in contracts or exit fees.
  • Electronic or paper billing available.

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