Singles health insurance

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A guide to health insurance for singles

Updated 2 April, 2024
Written by Joshua Malin
Reviewed by Steven Spicer

Singles health insurance explained

Private health insurance for singles explained by Dr Ginni Mansberg.
Dr. Ginni Mansberg

Why take out health cover for singles?

If you’re unsure if a singles health insurance policy is right for you, there are a few things you should consider:

  • Want to avoid public waiting lists? By receiving treatment in a private hospital, you can avoid potentially lengthy public wait times for elective surgery. This means you can get back to your best faster.
  • Would you be more comfortable in a private room? With private health insurance, you could be covered for treatment in a private hospital where you could recover comfortably in your own private room.
  • If you have a family, do you have similar health needs? While a family or couples policy can be easier to manage, it’s possible that you’ll be paying more for cover that only one of you needs.

Choosing cover for singles

If you want to take out singles health insurance, a great way to find a good deal on premiums and benefits is to shop around and compare your options. When looking for a singles health insurance policy, it’s essential to consider things like:

  • The level of cover you want. The four tiers of hospital cover (Basic, Bronze, Silver and Gold, as well as the ‘plus’ policies) each include an increasing number of treatment categories, so you’ll have to work out which medical services you want to cover and choose the corresponding level with the inclusions you’re after.
  • How much you’ll pay for it. It’s generally a good idea to stick within your budget and not pay more than you can afford, but you should also make sure you’ll be getting adequate cover for your money. Check your premiums against the inclusions and exclusions of the policy, as well as the annual limits you’ll be subject to.
  • How much you’ll pay when you need to claim. Make sure you check the policy brochure of any policy before purchasing it so you know how much your excess and rebates may be.

Expert tips on choosing the right singles cover for you

Our health insurance expert, Steven Spicer, has some tips on how to find a singles health insurance policy that works for you.

Steven Spicer
Executive General Manager – Health, Life & Energy

Do your research or reach out to an expert

When deciding whether private health insurance is right for you, ask yourself the following: how long would you be willing to wait in the public system for surgery, and could delaying elective surgery cause increased pain or a reduced quality of life? Continue to do your research and consider speaking to one of our trained private health insurance specialists; they can help find a policy that suits your needs.

Take your personal health needs into account

Before you take out a policy, consider your current health status and your medical history to make sure you get the right policy to suit your needs. This will help you to know which healthcare services you need and which ones you could omit.

Reconsider your cover when life changes

If you get married or plan on starting a family, that can be a great time to reassess the benefits of your policy and whether you need to compare and switch.

How health singles health cover works

Instead of having multiple people on one policy, singles health insurance will cover just one person instead. Singles health cover can be more tailored to the policyholder, as they may not need the same or as many benefits as couples or family policies have.

Private health insurance is split into two products: hospital and extras cover. You can purchase either of these products on their own or combine them into one policy. Hospital policies pay for your treatment as a private patient in a hospital, while extras policies cover out-of-hospital treatments like general dental, chiropractic and physiotherapy.

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Meet our health insurance expert, Steven Spicer

Steven Spicer
Executive General Manager – Health, Life & Energy

As the Executive General Manager of Health, Life and Energy, Steven Spicer is a strong believer in the benefits of private cover and knows just how valuable the peace of mind that comes with cover can be. He is passionate about demystifying the health insurance industry and advocates for the benefits of comparison when it comes to saving money on your premiums.