Private health insurance tiers explained

Everything you need to know about Basic, Bronze, Silver and Gold health insurance tiers

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A guide to the health insurance tiers

Updated 19 March, 2024
Written by Joshua Malin
Reviewed by Steven Spicer

Expert tips for health insurance categories

Our health insurance expert, Steven Spicer, has some tips on the health insurance categories to help you choose the right level of cover for you.

Steven Spicer
Executive General Manager – Health, Life & Energy

Consider a ‘Plus’ tiered policy for more coverage

Private health insurers aren’t required to stick to the minimum hospital inclusions – they can also include additional clinical categories through ‘Plus’ products. This could allow you to find coverage that suits your needs without needing to pay the full additional premiums for a higher tier of coverage.

Compare coverage carefully on ‘Plus’ products

While Plus products can provide additional value, having this flexibility means a lot of variation can occur between health funds when it comes to what’s included and excluded, so ensure that you’re aware of what you’re covered for when choosing a Plus policy.

Pay close attention to your policy documents

When comparing health insurance, make sure that you check all the relevant product brochures prior to making a purchasing decision, as it’s important to know exactly what you’re covered for. You should also be aware of any excess and/or co-payments that you’re agreeing to. Typically, a higher excess will result in lower premiums and vice versa.

The private health insurance tiers

What are the different levels of hospital insurance?

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Will my health insurance tier affect my Australian Government rebate?

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Meet our health insurance expert, Steven Spicer

Steven Spicer
Executive General Manager – Health, Life & Energy

As the Executive General Manager of Health, Life and Energy, Steven Spicer is a strong believer in the benefits of private cover and knows just how valuable the peace of mind that comes with cover can be. He is passionate about demystifying the health insurance industry and advocates for the benefits of comparison when it comes to saving money on your premiums.