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The cheapest places to fill up in Greater Brisbane as we head into the festive period

Reviewed by expert, Chris Ford
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9 Dec 2022
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Motorists across south east Queensland are being encouraged to find cheaper fuel as we head into the festive period, with new research showing there’s a 23 cents per litre difference between the most affordable and most expensive fuel across Greater Brisbane.

Compare the Market crunched the numbers and found that Pearl Energy in Rothwell currently has the best offer on Unleaded 91 at $1.62 per litre, while Tamborine is priced higher at $1.85/litre. When filling up a 60-litre tank, that’s a difference of $14 at the pump.

Compare the Market’s Chris Ford said now’s the time for Queensland motorists to take the wheel and save at the bowser while they still can, warning that prices could increase just before the Silly Season.

“Queensland motorists have enjoyed cheaper fuel in recent times thanks to wholesale prices for fuel dropping over the last month and oil prices also tanking,” Mr Ford said.

“With petrol retailers paying less for the fuel they sell onto customers, it makes sense that prices are decreasing across the River City. In fact, we’re paying around 19% less for Unleaded 91 now than we were at the same time last month.”

Compared to other major cities around Australia, south east Queenslanders are paying significantly less at the bowser. The average price per litre in Brisbane is around $1.70, compared to $1.89 in Hobart, $1.83 in Perth, $1.82 in Canberra and $1.81 in Darwin.

Meanwhile, we’re paying roughly the same amount as drivers in Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne. However, as we’ve seen over the past year, certain regions within Greater Brisbane have also experienced a difference in prices.

“We know that it’s generally been cheaper to fill up in southern ring of suburbs like Kuraby, Underwood and some stations around Rocklea in the last few months.

“Some of the major arterial roads have been more expensive though, with convenience playing a major factor,” Mr Ford said. “Retailers want your business though, and a quick bit of research can find cheaper prices nearby or even up the road.”

However, Mr Ford warned that while all signs are pointing to fuel prices staying cheap over the festive season, drivers should be prepared in case of price hikes in the coming weeks.

“Another fuel price cycle could be on the horizon, meaning that it’ll be tougher to locate cheaper fuel prices as retailers may hike their prices,” Mr Ford said.

“There’s previously been the insinuation that retailers hike their prices in the lead-up to major holiday periods. With wholesale fuel and oil prices decreasing, we really should see prices fall over Christmas and into the New Year.  Whether or not that actually happens is the big question.”With such a significant price discrepancy between the cheapest and most expensive fuel in south east Queensland, Mr Ford said now’s the time to do your research and ensure you aren’t paying too much for your petrol.

“Fuel comparison apps are one of the easiest ways to hunt down lower prices quickly,” Mr Ford said. “Also be sure to make the most of fuel discounts offered through your supermarket, roadside assist program, rewards programs and even on the back of shopper dockets. The last thing we want to see is Queenslanders throwing away more money than they need to when so many savings are available.”

Cheapest fuel prices in Greater Brisbane

  1. Pearl Energy Rothwell – $1.62/litre
  2. Metro Petroleum Kuraby – $1.63/litre
  3. Puma Mango Hill – $1.64/litre
  4. Liberty Grange Auto Care – $1.64/litre
  5. Bp Connect North Lakes – $1.64/litre

Most expensive fuel prices in Greater Brisbane

  1. Puma Tamborine Central – $1.85/litre
  2. Shell Tamborine – $1.83/litre
  3. Red Dog Kallangur – $1.82/litre
  4. Bizzells Garage Paddington – $1.81/litre
  5. United Pimpama – $1.79/litre

Pricing from Petrol Spy and RACQ Fair Fuel prices on 09/12/2022

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