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23 Jul 2021 15:06

Over 70% of car owners won’t let younger people drive their car

Written by James McCay

Over 70% of drivers won't let someone younger get behind the wheel. Discover which age group is the most restricted, and how this affects the cost of insurance.

Surfers Paradise, QLD

22 Jul 2021 10:33

Queensland, New South Wales see spike in refinancing in 2021

Written by William Jolly

Australians have been busy comparing home loans, with refinancing up significantly in the 12 months from June 2020 to 2021.

a number of electric SUV’s parked in a saleyard at sunset

21 Jul 2021 16:28

What Europe’s accelerated fossil fuel ban means for Aussies

Written by James McCay

The EU has recently announced new legislation that would ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2035. What does this mean for Australian motorists?

a woman unpacking groceries in her driveway

21 Jul 2021 08:35

Driving less? Save more on your car insurance with this Simples check

Written by Hannah Norton

Drivers spending less time behind the wheel due to lockdowns or working-form-home could save hundreds by reviewing their annual mileage and updating their policy, as shown by a Compare the Market analysis.

19 Jul 2021 10:50

The most common cars for ridesharing revealed

Written by James McCay

How popular is rideshare driving with Australians? What are the top 10 car models used by rideshare drivers? Find out as we explore the data from Compare the Market.

16 Jul 2021 16:22

Electric cars remain ‘unaffordable’ for the average Australian despite government incentives

Written by James McCay

Despite incentives, electric vehicles remain an expensive and unpopular choice for most Aussies. We take a look at the data around the value of electric cars.

16 Jul 2021 13:28

Too much content: Aussies wasting hundreds on unused subscriptions each year

Written by William Jolly

Australians are wasting an average of almost $200 a year on unused subscriptions or memberships.

Plane flying through the sky

15 Jul 2021 09:38

Airlines opening additional domestic routes with focus on Aussie holidays

Written by Nahima Kern

Major Australian airlines are set to open new domestic flight routes in a bid to boost travel around the country. Find out more with Compare the Market.

Will interest rates go negative

14 Jul 2021 11:03

Banks warned to ‘be prepared’ for negative interest rates. But will that ever happen?

Written by William Jolly

It’s not impossible for interest rates to fall even further, and a key regulator has warned the banks to prepare for rates below-zero.


9 Jul 2021 09:36

Could you afford the next cash rate increase? Property experts think it will happen soon

Written by William Jolly

Nearly one-third of property industry experts expect the cash rate to rise in the next 12 months. Are you prepared?


2 Jul 2021 15:46

30,000 additional places available under grants for eligible first home buyers, single parents

Written by William Jolly

From 1 July 2021, first home buyers and single parents can access thousands of extra spots in various home buying support schemes.

Family reviewing their standing offer electricity bills

24 Jun 2021 14:53

Over 700,000 Australians could be paying the maximum possible price for electricity

Written by Heonji Kim

Standing offer customers could be paying the maximum permitted price for energy. The number of customers on these plans has increased in SE QLD and SA.