The seemingly endless supply of travel blogs and social channels at our fingertips means there’s no shortage of inspiration and advice; here are our 20 top travel blogsLearn from the trial, error and discoveries of these 20 wanderers by reading their amazing travel blogs before mapping out your next adventure.

Adventure Addicts

If you long for experiences that challenge and get the heart racing…

  1. The Expert Vagabond – Matthew is an adventure travel addict. Delve into his gripping accounts of diving with sharks without a cage and climbing Bangkok’s abandoned skyscraper.
  1. Where Sidewalks End – As its name attests, this is the blog for those of you wanting to travel off the beaten path. Having visited all 7 continents, founder Ian Ord is a bounty of knowledge.
  1. Mapping Megan – Adrenalin junkies Meg and Mike Jerrard say when it comes to adventure travel there is ‘no mountain too high’. Find everything from the tallest commercial abseil in the world to tips on bear safety and what you need for a weekend 4-wheeling.
  1. Go Travel Your Way – Josh visits the misunderstood countries of the world, those which aren’t abuzz with tourists or even deemed dangerous. Think hitchhiking to Iran, getting a visa for Afghanistan and travelling to Antarctica on a budget.
  1. Emily Luxton Travels – With sections including ‘Adventure’ and ‘Eating like a local’ this blog by award-winning travel writer and blogger Emily Luxton is just the thing you need for inspiration for your next jaunt.

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Image provided by Chris and Sarah at Travelling Apples

Family travel

The thought of being on the road with the little ones may seem daunting, but there’s a lot we can learn from these seasoned family travellers.

  1. Travelling Apples – Travel blogging has been a rewarding experience for Chris and Sarah Appleford. Chris and Sarah said, “The best thing about travel blogging is sharing adventures with family and friends, while inspiring others to overcome their fears and leave the comfort of home behind to explore the world”.

One piece of advice they have for aspiring travel bloggers is to “get the balance right to ensure you enjoy your travel experiences”. Their favourite experience to date? A day spent exploring the Temples of Angkor.

“We got to explore and experience the most amazing ruins. Riding our hired pushbikes from temple to temple was so peaceful, and the mystique of these magical temples that are slowly being swallowed by enormous trees was breathtaking”.

  1. Little Aussie Travellers – If your dream trip is loading up the car – kids and dog in tow and driving around Australia then this is a great place to start. Loreena Walsh, the brain behind the blog says Tasmania has been their most memorable destination; “Spending just over three months there wasn’t enough, we really can’t wait to head back”.

The walk to Montezuma Falls was a standout. Over 9kms in drizzle but we didn’t mind one bit, it was so spectacular. The dog wasn’t too enthusiastic when he followed us over the tiny suspension bridge and realized he had to follow us back though! Needless to say he shook so much we had to carry him.

  1. Travel with Bender – Having visited over 60 countries with two young children, the Bender family is well versed in the challenges and rewards of family holidays.

Image provided by Leah from Bucket List

  1. Kid Bucket List – With her family by her side, Leah ticks off her bucket list of experiences she wants to share with her children before they hit high school. Leah says “working within a budget is always a challenge, but I think it makes our travels authentic and within the typical family’s grasp”. One of her memorable travel moments is a chance encounter with wild elephant seals along California’s Highway 1.

Fashionistas afar

Take cues from these stylish ladies as they combine their love of beautiful things and beautiful places.

  1. Tuula Vintage – Jessica Stein describes Tuula Vintage as ‘A personal diary of wanderlust and an overflowing wardrobe’.
  1. The Blonde Abroad – Kiersten left her corporate finance job to become a full time traveler and hasn’t looked back since. Explore the world through her eyes as she shares her tips on a range of travel experiences including travelling solo, female travel and volunteer travel.
  1. Friend in Fashion – “Chanel in one hand, passport in the other” – that’s how fashion and travel blogger Jasmin Howell likes to travel.

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  1. Gary Pepper Girl – Nicole Warne, founder of the hugely successful Gary Pepper Girl has become a fashion and travel blogging icon. Her Instagram account alone exceeds 1 million followers.

Frugal Travel

This one’s for the penny pinchers, not the budget breakers.

  1. Frugal First Class Travel – Chief Frugalista, Jo believes she’s a “better traveler” since sharing her experiences through her blog. This means becoming a more ruthless packer, learning to think more about where she’s visiting and seeking authentic travel experiences all the while still keeping budget in mind. We can learn a lot about meaningful travel by adopting Jo’s ethos, but this doesn’t mean missing out on first class perks!
  1. Nomadic Matt – See more for less by following this award winner’s trialed and tested tips. Matt’s got you covered with practical advice on saving money before and during a trip plus meaningful insight on handling life on the road.
  1. Our Oyster – Family and budget travel in one. Posts dedicated to budget travel in specific destinations, hacks for avoiding hefty bank fees overseas and how to protect your luggage for just $5 are just some of the gems that you’ll find here.

The best of the rest

  1. Health Conscious Travel – Melanie Haiken helps readers to live well and travel well. This includes active getaways and tips for staying fit and healthy when you’re away from home.
  1. The Gypsy Nesters – David and Veronica say that their writing “made us much more aware of the places we go” and allowed them to reconnect after their children left the nest. Life on the road when maintaining a travel blog isn’t always easy though, as David and Veronica explain:

“We want to spend as much time as possible taking in all that we can, which sometimes doesn’t leave much time to write about it. Falling asleep at the laptop has become a fairly regular occurrence”.

David and Veronica say adventures like volunteering in Tanzania make it all worthwhile though.

Image provided by Jenny from A Taste of Travel

  1. A Taste of Travel – From Italy to India, Jenny from A Taste for Travel has an impressive destination list many stories to share. She says, travelling blogging “has taught me to open my eyes to the small nuances of travel, not to be too quick to judge, to enjoy places that I would not normally visit and to enjoy slow travel so I can learn a lot about a place.” One of her most memorable trips was to Jordan where she visited a woman’s co-operative, meeting local women and hearing their stories, read her article about her experience here.

You can catch Jenny on Facebook or Twitter, but her favourite way to connect is through her Instagram account- take a look.

  1. Food Nouveau – Street food in Montreal, deep dish apple pie, restaurant reviews, foodie impressions from Japan and recipes inspired by exotic destinations, need we say more?

No matter what your style of travel may be, these blogs host an abundance of stories that are sure to make you green with envy and evoke a serious case of wanderlust. The added bonus is that from the experience of these bold travellers also comes knowledge and incredibly useful advice. All of which we’re sure will come in handy before your next departure!


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