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Money Saving Travel Hacks


Need a holiday but short on cash? We’ve put together a list of some amazing travel hacks that will save you money on your next holiday adventure – maybe you can afford it after all!

Pack Light


Some airlines, especially budget ones, charge you for each piece of luggage you take, so pack light and only take the essentials. It makes transiting at your destination easier and, if you pack light enough, you may not need to pay for any luggage at all.  Excess luggage fees can be a killer too; by packing light at the beginning of your trip, you may have a bit more room for that ceremonial gong or miniature Eiffel tower you bought as souvenirs!

 Stay Dry


Quick dry, that is. Quick dry clothes will not only lighten the load in your suitcase (they tend to be light weight) but will also save you a bundle in laundry costs. Quick dry clothes are easily hand washed in a sink, shower or bathtub each night, and should be dry by the next morning. No need to lose a precious holiday afternoon at the Laundromat or to spend a fortune on in-hotel laundry service.

BYO Water


The world being what it is, full water bottles are objecti non grata at most transport security checkpoints around the world – especially airports. Bring an empty, reusable water bottle and fill it up once you’re past the security checkpoints. Make sure you take your water bottle out and about with you when you’re seeing the holiday sites to save you shelling out your hard-earned cash on H2O.

Wrangle Your Data


We know you want to tweet, like, Instagram and hashtag with abandon while you’re away but before you reach for your smartphone, make sure you’ve got an international or country based SIM with pay as you go data instead of using your international roaming. This could save you thousands of dollars in unexpected data charges.

Entertain Yourself


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If you’re travelling on a budget, chances are you’re flying budget airlines or taking even cheaper forms of transport like buses and trains. Avoid paying for inflight entertainment (which is extra on some carriers) and bring your own. Your smartphone doubles as your own personal entertainment system, just pop it in flight mode, into a plastic bag and hang it from the seat in front of you! (Oh, and make sure you add some movies and/or TV shows before you go.)

Free Accommodation


Accommodation eats into your travel budget and although you need a roof over your head, you’d probably rather spend your money on experiences – sampling local delicacies, going on tours and enjoying a local beverage or three. Try to score some free accommodation when you travel. There are a stack of websites out there (such as Couchsurfing) dedicated to helping travellers lock down free accommodation.  If staying for free with strangers in a foreign land is a bit too adventurous for you, try AirBNB (where locals rent out spare rooms – B and B style, apartments or whole houses) or a home exchange, where you swap homes with someone else for a few weeks.

Happy Hour


Hit up happy hour! Many bars and pubs offer drink promotions throughout the day and early evening. There are plenty of websites that list the various specials for each destination; Google is a great place to start searching. Some places also offer happy hour specials on food too.

Travel Insurance


Save yourself the hassle of missed connections, cancelled flights or stolen passports with comprehensive travel insurance.  Travel insurance may be able to cover you if you get sick or injured, lose your luggage or drop your smartphone into the Amazon while taking a selfie. You never know what adventure related mishap may pop up on your travels so be prepared and compare travel insurance options that suit your destination, travelling style and budget!


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