With the upcoming summer Olympic games to be hosted in Rio De Janeiro in Brazil, sports fans the world over may be thinking of planning a trip to the exotic South American city. While the beauty and culture of Rio is an attraction all the time, the added spectacle of the Olympics will certainly  compound the appeal. So, what will the Olympics add to the cost of a visit?

Peter Allen was pretty lucky, according to his song, when his baby smiled at him, he went magically to Rio. For the rest of us, it involves luggage, passports and a plane ticket, here’s a breakdown of the basic and associated costs.

Fun and Games

The Rio Olympic games run from the 5th of August until the 21st, the height of summer in Brazil, and also the peak of tourist season. While it might seem like a great time to escape the Australian winter, it also means it’s when flights are most expensive. A flight in August from Sydney to Rio will cost somewhere between $1,600 for the cheapest flight all the way up to $16,000 for a first class ticket. For the purposes of simplicity, we’ll say the flights will cost $2,000 for something comfortable but not fancy. There is no Visa cost to travel to Brazil from Australia, so there’s a small savings there.

Get into the Olympic spirit

Better safe…

Basic Insurance cover for a trip like this starts at less than $100, and while comprehensive insurance can be more expensive, it’s worth reading individual policies to check what is actually covered. There would be nothing more worrying than needing to make a claim, only to find you were not covered by your chosen policy.

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Staying over

Once in Brazil, visitors will need somewhere to stay, and obviously hotels will be at a premium during the games. According to a quick search with a popular hotels aggregator, a hotel in Rio can be had for 21 nights for as little as $700, but of course with accommodation you get what you pay for, and the lower end may not be the most comfortable of places to stay. Paying a bit more will get a room closer to the action, and with better service, so for the sake of reasonable estimates we can put hotel cost at $2,000 as well. Of course you may wish to pay more or less, but it’s a good compromise between the cheapest, and the most luxurious rooms which are well over $10,000, even for a single guest.

Public transport in Rio

’I get around’

Getting around Rio during the Olympics will probably be best done on Public Transport, which will be boosted during the Games. Tickets cost about $2 Australian per trip, so we will assume five trips a day, making it an even $10 for transport. This works out at $200 for the 20 day trip we’re working with. Of course there are car rental options as well, starting at around $50 per day, and going up from there. But with traffic likely to increase and road closures inevitable for such a large scale event, it may be best to stick with buses and walking as the preferred options. Besides, you can see more as a passenger than as a driver.

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Daily bread

The cost of daily living in Brazil can be relatively cheap, especially for food, while other items may be of comparable price to Australia, such as clothes and shoes. About $100 a day will be plenty of money to eat out and get by in Rio, and will probably even allow for purchase of some souvenirs. That works out at about $2,100 for the trip.

Olympic Stadium

The Golden Ticket

Tickets to actual Olympic events vary a great deal, from around $100 for less popular sports to well over $250 per person for tickets to things like swimming and athletics finals. If we assume one event per day for the duration of the games, we will pick an average of $150 per ticket, so that’s about $1,800 for tickets to the Games itself. Of course you may want to spend time doing some other activities or catching entertainment other than the games, so add another $1,000 for that.

Flights $2,000.00
Accommodation $2,000.00
Insurance $150.00
Transport (public) $200.00
Daily spending $2,100.00
Olympic tickets $1,800.00
Other entertainment $1,000.00
Total $9,250.00

So we have a grand total of $9,250.00 Australian dollars to go to the Games in Rio. Round it up to $10K to account for extra bits and pieces like getting to and from airports and it seems like a pretty exciting and reasonable holiday for a once in a lifetime trip. If you are into sport, there’s probably no better trip to take this year.

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