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We all want to make sure our children are protected, and private health insurance is one of the best ways to make sure they’re covered if a medical need arises. Fortunately, you can cover them under your family’s health insurance policy in one of two different categories:

  • Child dependents: unmarried children under 18 years
  • Student dependents: single full-time students, trainees or apprentices generally between 18-24 years

How can I cover my dependent children?

Dependent children can be covered under your health insurance policy as long as you select the correct status and provide their details on your application.

Your family status should be one of the following:

  • Family: 2 adults and any child or student dependents
  • Single parent family: 1 adult and any child or student dependents

How will my dependents affect my health insurance?

Child and student dependents can generally be covered at no additional cost under a family policy, provided they meet the criteria set by your health fund. Conditions may vary between funds so check your product disclosure statement. For example, your health fund may require that your student dependents earn under a certain income threshold.

Young adult dependents may attract an additional cost to your health insurance premium and they may also be required to meet particular conditions. For example, they may need to be unmarried and not in a de facto relationship in order to be covered.

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