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Dr. Ginni Mansberg

As well as being a GP for almost 30 years, Dr. Ginni Mansberg is frequently called upon by media, including Sunrise, the Morning show and Embarrassing Bodies Down Under to give her expert opinion on health and well-being topics. When she's not helping her patients or appearing on the TV, Dr. Ginni is kept busy with her six children.

Stories by Dr. Ginni Mansberg

Doctor Ginni Mansberg

8 Nov 2023 13:37

Why we’re all talking about menopause but still have so many questions

Written by Dr. Ginni Mansberg

Menopause is definitely having its “moment” this year. No longer a taboo - it’s something we can’t stop talking about.

30 Oct 2023 15:44

More than half of Australians have avoided seeking help with a health issue – here’s why  

Written by Dr. Ginni Mansberg

One in two Aussies say they’ve put off seeking care for a health issue. For many, it comes down to cost.

Doctor Ginni Mansberg

4 Sep 2023 09:04

Women’s Health Week: Why is getting treatment for endometriosis so hard?

Written by Dr. Ginni Mansberg

Think of nine women in your life. Statistically, one of them will suffer from endometriosis.

Doctor Ginni Mansberg

14 Aug 2023 16:05

“It just feels like they’ve never been so sick” – the top health issue bugging Aussie parents

Written by Dr. Ginni Mansberg

Dr Ginni Mansberg, general practitioner and health commentator, works closely with Compare the Market to shine a light on health issues and help patients make informed choices about their care.

woman in waiting room at hospital

19 Jul 2023 11:50

“A lot of people are shocked”: The common misconception that can be “torture” for Australian patients

Written by Dr. Ginni Mansberg

In the public system, emergency beds are reserved for people with life-threatening issues.

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