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Gone are the days spent waiting on hold or lining up in long queues to pay your energy bills. There are now more options available to customers than ever before; it’s just a matter of reviewing the methods and determining which is the best suited to your needs.

Credit card

Credit card payments are an easy and popular choice for many. There are two different ways you can pay using your credit card.

  • Over the phone: simply dial the phone number on your latest bill or the supplier’s website and speak with a representative, or, follow the prompts by entering your account details.
  • Online: log in to the account on your energy suppliers website using your personalised account details and fill in the required fields. If you receive your bill via email, this will likely have a direct link included ensuring quick and easy payment online.

Direct debit

If you find it difficult to stay on top of your bills and want an option that does the work for you, direct debit payments may be the best option for you. It’s pain-free, minimal to no fuss, and you don’t have to do anything besides

  • checking your bill, so you know the fee being charged, and
  • ensuring the account being debited has adequate funds in it.

If the payment is rejected due to insufficient funds, or you don’t notify your service provider of any changes to your account details, this may result in a late payment fee. Review the terms and conditions in your existing contract for the specifics and charges applicable to you.


Online banking and BPAY make it simple to pay regular bills direct from the account of your choosing to your utility supplier, provided they have a BPAY biller code. The biller code can be found on your bill, or by searching BPAY’s full list of billers and financial institutions.

To pay, simply log in to your online banking, enter the biller code, your account reference number and bill payment amount and press submit – simple!

Payment plan

In order to meet the needs of the broad customer base and contrasting lifestyles, paycheck schedules and the financial demands involved with running a household, some energy suppliers now offer adaptable payment plans and instalment options. This means customers can dictate how frequently they’d like to make payments, i.e. weekly vs. fortnightly or monthly, and in some cases offer the option between an upfront or post-usage payment. Terms and conditions apply, however, could be a worthwhile option if you want to take control of outgoing costs and align more closely with your current cash flow situation.

Via mail

Yes, it is still possible to pay your energy bill through the post! If your service provider allows it, that is. If so, there are two avenues you can take:

  • Cheque: tear off the bottom of your bill, fill in the blanks and accompany this sheet with your cheque in an envelope.
  • Money order: The cheque alternative which can be arranged for safe and secure money transfers. Money orders can be arranged through Australia Post outlets.

In-store payments

Australia Post offers Post Billpay services for easier bill payment with customer support. Paying in person in an Australia Post outlet gives you the flexibility to pay with card, cash or cheque. Post Billpay is also an online service for those of you who want the reassurance of secure payment and customer service representatives available to assist with any queries through the process.

Centrepay through Centrelink

If you’re receiving Centrelink payments you may be eligible for Centrepay. This service is free and available to Centrelink customers. Designated bills can be deducted from regular Centrelink payments as a way of managing cash flow with ease.

For more details on payment options and penalties, speak with your existing energy provider or compare the options available across the energy market. Payment options will vary between suppliers, so if there is one in particular that suits you, make sure the potential or existing supplier offers it pre-sign up.

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