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Phillip Portman

When he’s not busy writing, Phillip can usually be found at the movies, playing with his Italian Greyhound Wilma, hanging out with his cockatiel Tiki, or talking about everything pop culture. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Journalism and has previously written about health, entertainment, and lifestyle for various publications. Phillip loves to help others and hopes that people learn something new from his articles.

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Stories by Phillip Portman

29 Jun 2021 16:04

How natural disasters can impact your home and contents insurance premium

Written by Phillip Portman

We take a look at how living in a disaster prone area can affect what premiums you pay for home and contents insurance, and the importance of regularly revisiting your policy.

4 Feb 2021 13:55

BMW overtaken by Toyota as most searched car brand for 2020

Written by Phillip Portman

Which car brands were the most searched in 2020, and how do international searches differ from your country? Read on to find out.

18 Sep 2020 06:29

Money Transfer Hotspots Around the World

Written by Phillip Portman

Where are the world’s money transfer hotspots, and which countries are sending and receiving the most money? Is the COVID-19 pandemic expected to have any impact on money transfers?

19 Aug 2020 06:25

The most searched car brands around the world 2019

Written by Phillip Portman

Find out which car brands are the most sought after around the globe, and how searches overseas differ to those from your country.

13 Feb 2020 08:51

Should you break up with couples health insurance?

Written by Phillip Portman

If you’re in a relationship, is it better to take out couples health insurance or two single policies? We answer these questions and more in this article.

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