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William Jolly

William is a Senior Finance Writer at Compare the Market, and has previously worked as a finance journalist for several years. He specialises in writing about financial products like home loans in ways that the average Australian can understand and enjoy. When he's not writing about saving money, William enjoys playing football (soccer), watching a good movie and spending time with his dog.

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Stories by William Jolly

Playing sport

27 Jun 2022 10:14

Pay-as-you-go health cover: Is it a good idea?

Written by William Jolly, reviewed by Anthony Fleming

Innovative new products are entering the market to shakeup the status-quo and change the way people pay for accident cover.

For lease sign

10 Jun 2022 10:13

Rental price hike bumps homeownership further out of reach

Written by William Jolly, reviewed by Chris Ford

The ‘landlord’s market’ of rising rents and low vacancy rates is making it harder for renters to save money, new data shows.

Reserve Bank July 2022

7 Jun 2022 14:41

RBA rate rise June 2022: Which banks are raising interest rates again?

Written by William Jolly

The Reserve Bank has lifted the official cash rate again today in its June meeting, meaning home loan repayments will once again be on the rise.

Spend money to save pet

6 Jun 2022 14:01

Aussies willing to spend over $10,000 to save their pets

Written by William Jolly, reviewed by Stephen Zeller

Compare the Market found nearly 15% of Aussies would part with more than $10,000 to save their pets.

Woman concerned over mortgage repayments

3 Jun 2022 09:00

Homeowners warned next rate rise likely to add hundreds to loan repayments

Written by William Jolly

Compare the Market is forecasting another cash rate hike of at least 40-basis points, adding hundreds of dollars to mortgage repayments.

Energy company out of business

2 Jun 2022 15:07

Energy crisis: What happens if your energy retailer goes out of business?

Written by William Jolly, reviewed by Brett Mifsud

Smaller energy retailers are turning away new customers and encouraging existing ones to switch as the industry grapples with growing price volatility.

What our pets are worth

31 May 2022 12:21

What our pets are worth

Written by William Jolly

In a survey of Australians, Americans and Canadians, Compare the Market explores what people would spend to keep their pets alive in a medial emergency.

Aus vs US healthcare

20 May 2022 09:00

Australian healthcare satisfaction much greater than the US

Written by William Jolly, reviewed by Anthony Fleming

Australians are much more satisfied with their healthcare system overall compared to Americans, new data shows.

Super house deposit

19 May 2022 09:56

Super Home Buyer Scheme a “drop in the ocean” for most first home buyers

Written by William Jolly

Most young adults would be able to raise less than 1% of the cost of a home through the government’s proposed Super Home Buyer Scheme.

Green loan

17 May 2022 12:02

What are green loans, and should you get one?

Written by William Jolly

A green home loan can reward borrowers for either buying, building or renovating a ‘sustainable’ property

Switch to renewables

13 May 2022 09:00

Aussies switching to renewable energy as concerns about climate change grow

Written by William Jolly

With the vast majority of Australians worried about the future impacts of climate change, households are turning to renewable energy sources to do their part.

No travel insurance

12 May 2022 14:32

Half of Aussies admit to travelling without travel insurance

Written by William Jolly, reviewed by Stephen Zeller

Half of Australians who’ve travelled either domestically or overseas have done so without travel insurance – with some coming to regret that decision.

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