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William Jolly

William is a Senior Finance Writer at Compare the Market, and has previously worked as a finance journalist for several years. He specialises in writing about financial products like home loans in ways that the average Australian can understand and enjoy. When he's not writing about saving money, William enjoys playing football (soccer), watching a good movie and spending time with his dog.

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Stories by William Jolly

forget BNPL bills

16 Sep 2021 13:58

Afterpay? More like ‘forget pay’ as Aussies struggle to remember their BNPL repayments

Written by William Jolly

Buy Now, Pay Later purchases are one of the most forgotten about bills, new Compare the Market research shows.

Inner city of Sydney

10 Sep 2021 10:39

Inner-city or outer suburbs: where can you afford to buy?

Written by William Jolly

New research sheds light on just how far away from the city you might have to look in order to buy a home.

man paying digital wallet

10 Sep 2021 09:42

The emergence of Buy Now, Pay Later explained

Written by William Jolly

What is BNPL? How does it work, and what’s driving the new craze? We take an in-depth look.

cash rate hold

7 Sep 2021 14:36

What another cash rate hold means for you

Written by William Jolly

The Reserve Bank has once again held the cash rate at its record low 0.10%, marking the ninth straight month of no change.

Sorting out finances

6 Sep 2021 11:21

Lack of competition and large mergers – does that mean higher prices?

Written by William Jolly

A key regulator has said the number of larger mergers between businesses in Australia is reducing competition and increasing prices.

Business man show thumbs down

1 Sep 2021 09:34

Is your super fund underperforming? Don’t be fooled

Written by William Jolly

Despite publicly giving themselves good scores, many superannuation funds are still producing poor returns to their members.

EV charging

25 Aug 2021 09:57

More electric vehicles sold so far in 2021 than all of 2020

Written by William Jolly

More and more Australians are buying electric vehicles, with sales in the first half of 2021 already surpassing all electric car sales through all of 2020.

Google searches

12 Aug 2021 11:44

Lockdown finances: What are Australians searching for on Google?

Written by William Jolly

We looked into Google Trends data to find out what money-related terms people are searching for in lockdown.

Sydney Olympics 2000

6 Aug 2021 11:56

The Olympics are headed to Brisbane – what does this mean for house prices?

Written by William Jolly

Most of Brisbane (and Australia) rejoiced as the home of the brown snake was named the host of the 35th Olympiad in 2032.

Sydney property

3 Aug 2021 10:47

House prices see nearly 20% annual growth in 2021

Written by William Jolly

Recent house price data has shown double digit growth over the past 12 months, with the national average almost reaching 20%.

women shopping in supermarket

3 Aug 2021 10:37

The supermarket tricks to get you spending more – and how to avoid them

Written by William Jolly

Here are some of the top tricks and tactics your local shop could employ to get you to spend more.

credit card pieces

30 Jul 2021 11:08

Aussies improve their credit scores since the pandemic’s arrival

Written by William Jolly

Careful spending habits because of the pandemic have led to an improvement in the average Australian’s credit score.

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