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William Jolly

William is a Senior Finance Writer at Compare the Market, and has previously worked as a finance journalist for several years. He specialises in writing about financial products like home loans in ways that the average Australian can understand and enjoy. When he's not writing about saving money, William enjoys playing football (soccer), watching a good movie and spending time with his dog.

Stories by William Jolly

18 Aug 2022 13:35

How reduced energy consumption can also reduce your bills and carbon footprint

Written by William Jolly

We explored how lowering your energy usage can impact rising household bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

7 Jun 2022 14:41

RBA rate rise June 2022: Which banks are raising interest rates again?

Written by William Jolly

The Reserve Bank has lifted the official cash rate again today in its June meeting, meaning home loan repayments will once again be on the rise.

What our pets are worth

31 May 2022 12:21

Pet insurance for medical emergencies

Written by William Jolly

In a survey of Australians, Americans and Canadians, Compare the Market explores what people would spend to keep their pets alive in a medial emergency.

Aus vs US healthcare

20 May 2022 09:00

Australian healthcare satisfaction much greater than the US

Written by William Jolly, reviewed by Lana Hambilton

Australians are much more satisfied with their healthcare system overall compared to Americans, new data shows.

Green loan

17 May 2022 12:02

What are green loans, and should you get one?

Written by William Jolly

A green home loan can reward borrowers for either buying, building or renovating a ‘sustainable’ property

3 May 2022 14:44

RBA rate rise May 2022: Is your bank raising your home loan rate?

Written by William Jolly

Compare the Market has compiled a list of interest rate changes across some of Australia’s biggest banks and lenders.

Electric Scooter

7 Apr 2022 13:36

Sick of high fuel costs? You could save hundreds by switching to an eScooter

Written by William Jolly

Motorists spending a small fortune on petrol could save over a thousand dollars a year by switching to an eScooter, according to new research by Compare the Market.

Health changes 2022

11 Mar 2022 11:26

Health insurance changes to be aware of in 2022

Written by William Jolly, reviewed by Lana Hambilton

Compare the Market’s health insurance expert Anthony Fleming shares his top tips to keep your hip pocket healthy this year.

Sleepless cities

21 Feb 2022 08:30

Sleepiest Australian cities revealed

Written by William Jolly

Nearly 10% of Aussies are getting less than 4 hours of sleep each night, a survey by Compare the Market reveals.


20 Jan 2022 14:31

How global economic factors can affect home loan rates

Written by William Jolly

We’ve analysed OECD national accounts data to see how COVID-19 affected the world’s biggest economies, and what impact that has on home loan rates.

Tsunami Australia

19 Jan 2022 10:11

Yes, Australia can have tsunamis. But does your insurance cover them?

Written by William Jolly

This week Australia received its first tsunami warning in 11 years.

2023 forecasts

24 Nov 2021 13:46

ANZ, CBA & Westpac all predict house price falls in 2023

Written by William Jolly

According to new forecasts by three of Australia’s big four banks, house affordability is likely to get worse next year before it gets better in 2023.

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