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Hannah Norton

As the Digital PR Manager, Hannah enjoys collaborating with experts from all around the business in her journey to execute Compare the Market's Digital Public Relations strategy. She leads the process in forming compelling feature articles with input from fellow SEO, content, design, and product professionals. Her qualifications to date include a Double Bachelors Degree in Business and Arts, with majors in Marketing and Public Relations, from Griffith University. When she's not in the office, you can find her relaxing in the sun while camping or playing with her dogs Ellie and Frankie.

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Stories by Hannah Norton

The Green Fuel Index social

27 Apr 2022 15:18

The Green Fuel Index

Written by Hannah Norton

We reveal the countries that produce the most renewable energy, as well as the countries with the largest reliance on renewable sources.

Most Popular EV Roadtrips

16 Mar 2022 14:12

Does car insurance cover your electric vehicle if it runs out of juice?

Written by Hannah Norton

What will you car insurance policy cover you for if you drive an electric vehicle? We explore this and take a look at some of the best places for a road trip in an EV.

Fitfluencers rich list

22 Feb 2022 09:56

How health insurance can support a fit and healthy lifestyle

Written by Hannah Norton

Even the most experienced gym junkies can face serious injury while working out. In this article, we explain how a health insurance policy can support your journey to a healthy lifestyle.

6 Jan 2022 15:57

Is it worth insuring a used car?

Written by Hannah Norton

When finding out if it's worth insuring a used car we crunch the numbers on popular used cars that depreciate in value the fastest.

29 Nov 2021 16:04

Boxers live five years less on average, study finds

Written by Hannah Norton

We studied the lifespan of elite athletes to determine the life expectancy for professionals in each sport. We also discuss the link between head trauma and increased mortality.

25 Oct 2021 12:06

The benefits of having health insurance while raising children

Written by Hannah Norton

We’ve looked at countries around the world to reveal the healthiest places to raise a child in, plus how health insurance can help you with a healthy environment for your loved ones.

11 Oct 2021 15:29

How income protection can help you maintain your lifestyle

Written by Hannah Norton

Do you wonder if your spending habits are normal? Discover how much Americans and Australians save and spend each month, and how income protection can be useful.

Household debt feature image

13 Sep 2021 11:39

Home loans and household debt around the world

Written by Hannah Norton

We take a look at who is in the most household debt around the world, and how home loans play a part in this.

a woman unpacking groceries in her driveway

21 Jul 2021 08:35

Driving less? Save more on your car insurance with this Simples check

Written by Hannah Norton

Drivers spending less time at the wheel due to lockdowns or working-from-home could save hundreds by reviewing their annual mileage and updating their policy, shown by a Compare the Market analysis.

Musician's Mansions

27 May 2021 10:41

Musician’s Mansions: A bit of fun to brighten your home buying journey

Written by Hannah Norton

How much into your music are you? See if you can spot all of the clues and match the world-famous famous musician or band to their mansion here. Good luck!

Global L-Plates Index Mobile

21 Jan 2021 13:00

How much does it cost to get started as a new driver?

Written by Hannah Norton

We examined the costs of learning to drive around the world, including getting car insurance, paying for a driving test and covering any learner license fees.

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