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30 Oct 2020 13:39

The Ponzi Scheme turns 100

Written by Matthew Keogh

It's been 100 years since Charles Ponzi duped thousands of Americans. So, we've decided to look back at 10 of the largest Ponzi Schemes of all time.

3 Oct 2018 10:33

National study reveals 50% of Aussies admit making poor choices across super, mortgage, health insurance and credit cards

Written by Hannah Twiggs

A study has revealed half of Aussies believe they are not getting the best deal on four common financial products – their superannuation, mortgage, health insurance and credit cards – yet half think they are in control of their financial outcomes.

Young couple calculating finances with receipt and phone in grocery aisle

8 Aug 2018 12:27

Aussies struggling with cost of living have more options than they think

Written by Jared Mullane

Find out how the rising cost of living is impacting budgets & households throughout the country. See which everyday products and services you could be saving money on by implementing these straightforward yet effective tips. Read more.

31 May 2018 15:47

Our plastic pain: Almost half of Aussie shoppers have or know someone who had their credit card details stolen

Written by Hannah Twiggs

It’s disconcerting that your credit card details can be stolen in a second from right under your nose without your card ever leaving your possession.

Man holding credit card and phone with a coffee and bank statements in background

16 May 2018 15:46

How to keep a closer eye on your bank accounts

Written by Compare the Market

Would you notice if money was coming out of your bank account? From online banking to credit cards, we've explored why you should keep regular track of your finances. Learn how to monitor, identify & combat security risks, explore consumer spending trends, plus much more!

young man resembling a hacker

15 Mar 2018 18:30

Stay safe online: 4 ways to protect yourself and your family

Written by Compare the Market

Stay safe online, boost your internet safety and ward off hackers with tips from Compare The market.

28 Jun 2016 16:14

How should Australians spend their tax return?

Written by Compare the Market

It is tax time again, and you know what that means. Tax Returns! Compare the Market take a look at how Australians should spend their hard earned money.

28 Jun 2016 12:00

What I would teach my child to do with $10

Written by Compare the Market

The next generation will be most tech-savvy one yet, but are they the most financial-savvy? What would you teach the next gen about finances?

20 Jun 2016 11:01

RBA reforms changing the rewards landscape

Written by Compare the Market

Aussie shoppers may see less value in their current reward schemes, as banks need to comply with new rules set by the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA).

15 Jun 2016 01:35

How to create a savings goal

Written by Compare the Market

Every Aussie should have a set of financial goals that they're always striving towards. We're here to help you define and reach those goals.