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20 Nov 2017 10:46

High household debt stopping us from saving for a rainy day? 1 in 3 households don’t save for unexpected loss

Is Australia’s household debt too high to enable Aussies to save? A recent survey indicates 37% of respondents do not save for unexpected events.

12 Aug 2014 10:39

3 in 4 Australian parents have no financial safety net

A new survey suggests that three in four Australian parents without income protection insurance have no plans in place to support their family financially if they were suddenly unable to work – with 40 per cent saying they would rely...

3 Jun 2014 10:16

Survey reveals two-thirds of mums and dads admit to financial worries and inability to save

The latest consumer survey commissioned by reveals just how anxious Australian parents are about their household finances – with two-thirds able to save less than $300 per month and worrying regularly about their ability to support their families.The survey...