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“You can never count on luck to help you succeed – it takes being determined, confident and resolute to keep pushing through when there are tough times, and no money is coming in the door. You have to maintain a belief that you can win in life,” – Luke Smorgon, CEO of b2cloud.

Learning money life lessons and actually implementing these lessons into your life are entirely separate concepts. Whether you’re planning on buying a house, starting a new job or even creating a savings account; money lessons are always important to learn at any life stage.

So why not gain insight from someone who successfully created their own business and learnt valuable money lessons along the way? Meet Luke Smorgon, CEO of b2cloud. This bright entrepreneur has a few lessons you may want to take on board when managing your finances and taking on new money goals.

“You can never count on luck to help you succeed – it takes being determined, confident and resolute to keep pushing through when there are tough times, and no money is coming in the door.” – Luke Smorgon, CEO of b2cloud.
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CEO of b2cloud

The 4 ways you can be an entrepreneur every day

Starting your own business requires an array of skills, some of which can be taught, many of which will need to be acquired through experience. However, listening to success stories and building life lessons from business gurus is a skill that anyone can master. Luke lists four fundamental strategies that anyone can apply to their daily routines to help build success across a number of everyday tasks and goals:

Keep focussed on a few small things

“Whether you’re building your own business or trying to save money for a holiday, try not to get distracted by the amount of tasks that need completing to reach your end goal,” Luke explains.

“Start with the smaller steps and maintain your focus on the tasks that have to be executed first. Don’t try to do everything at once!”

Financial planning can go a long way if you take the time to map out your money goals and complete smaller tasks each week. Over-stressing by trying to complete everything at once will only delay the end result.

Build a great team around you

“Find others with experience that you can learn from, and others you can teach. You can’t build success without the help of a team who feel trusted and empowered to make independent decisions to help execute your vision,” Luke says.

Talking to professionals who can help you buy your first home or change careers or even create savings goals is the first step to success. Don’t try to take on life’s challenges by yourself, ask for advice and get a plan ready with people who have expertise and years of experience behind them. Learn and maybe pass on your knowledge to someone else in the future.

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Find people you can trust

“Try to have a small group of 3-4 people you can count on to meet up with every few months, and whom you can always pick up the phone and call when needed,” Luke says.

“There are several people I am fortunate enough to have in my life who continuously support me and act as a sounding board while growing my business.”

Having friends and family to support you during big money decision processes can take the pressure and stress away. Everyone needs a helping hand or someone to talk to now and again; establishing a support network is essential before trying to successfully complete a goal. They will always be there, through the good and bad times!

 Try new things

“It takes several years to build up a repertoire of experiences you can start to call on to help guide you to better decision making in the future,” Luke explains.

“The key to success is not to avoid making bad decisions, but rather that you make more good decisions than bad which in the long run, will help guide you to success.”

Trying and failing is part of life but the key is not to give up after your first few attempts. You may have missed out on securing your dream house or missing out on a promotion but that doesn’t mean you move on. Persevere and keep at it, mix up your routine if it isn’t working for you and put your happiness at the top of the priority list. Try out new possibilities and don’t give up too easily.

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The hard truths about success

“Some final advice I wish I had been told when starting b2cloud: business and sometimes life isn’t that glamorous. Don’t get sucked in to the glorified version of success that is so often dramatised and idolised in the media and online,” Luke says.

“Life is tough. You have decisions to make every day, ones that can impact other people’s livelihoods, as well as your own.”

“There will be people and situations that stand in your way, but they need to be dealt with pragmatically and methodically. You have to remember that these are just minor distractions to your path to success,” Luke explains.

Business and sometimes life isn’t that glamorous. Don’t get sucked in to the glorified version of success that is so often dramatised and idolised in the media and online
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b2cloud team

Want to add to Luke’s list of successful life tips? Post some of your own success stories on our Facebook page and perhaps how you overcame the more difficult times.


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