It goes without saying that Australians love their wheels – whether they have a car, a motorcycle, a scooter or a bicycle.

In 2016, nearly 1.2 million new cars were sold. Things weren’t too shabby in the two-wheel department either: the overall Australian motorcycle, ATV and scooter sales hit a combined total of 114,783 last year. Furthermore, Roy Morgan Research has indicated 3.7 million Australians cycled either for recreation or commuting to work.

Car drivers, cyclists and motorbike riders don’t always find harmony on the road, as evidenced by the near-daily news reports and road accident-related trauma and death statistics.

Some common rules include the following:

  • Look out for fellow wheelers
  • Give room and avoid encroaching on bike lanes
  • Give way when required
  • Check your blind spots

The below infographic shows how you can ‘commute to make a change’, regardless of whether you prefer two or four wheels.

If you are a driver, it certainly does not hurt to have car insurance as a financial umbrella in case of an unforeseen accident resulting in damage to your or the other driver’s vehicle.

Car and Bike Road SafetybInfographic

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