Healthy is the new black and health, fitness and well-being influencers are taking to Instagram to share their wellness journeys.

These prolific Instagrammers are inspiring the next generation of wellness warriors and fitness fanatics to embark on their own quest for a fitter, healthier and more importantly a happier life. Want to get inspired? We’ve compiled the list of our 15 favourite health and wellness Instagram accounts you should follow now.

Food and nutrition

  1. @talinegabriel, Hippie LaneHippie Lane are all about real food and healthy treats with edge. That means vegan, gluten free, dairy free and refined sugar free. ‘Without health you’re at a loss’ says Taline Gabriel, the mastermind behind Hippie Lane. ‘I love being able to influence people to make healthier choices and to prove that healthy can look and taste amazing’.

While it may be challenging and time consuming to regularly post unique and inspiring food photos on Instagram, Taline finds the process incredibly rewarding.

‘I think it can be life changing for people and for me there’s nothing more satisfying than that.’

  1. @yummololaberry, Lola Berry – Renowned Australian Nutritionist, TV regular and bestselling author Lola Berry is passionate about bettering the lives of others. Her Instagram provides a behind the scenes glimpse into her healthy life.
  1. @dan_churchill, Daniel Churchill – Your mouth will be watering as you scroll through the food snaps of former MasterChef contestant and two time published author, Dan Churchill. He also throws in some #mondaymotivation and fit pics for good measure too.

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  1. @jshealth, Jessica Sepel – ‘Everyone deserves to feel fantastic’ says Health Blogger, Nutritionist and Wellness Coach Jessica Sepel. She started her blog because she wanted an outlet to share healthy meals and recipes with others. ‘Healthy living changed my life. It shifted my mentality. I now view food as a source of nourishment’, she says – and you can too!’

‘I eat in a way to heal my mind and body. It simply makes me feel the best I have ever felt. I wake up with so much energy and zest for life, and that’s all because of my commitment to healthy living’.

Honesty, minimal pressure and a commitment to health are all elements which Jess credits when asked about what keeps her motivated. ‘I practice mindful eating as much as I can, which is as important as making a healthy food choice’.

  1. @thefitfoodieblog, The Fit Foodie – A showcase of successes from Sally’s home test kitchen as she searches for healthy and clean dishes that nourish, energise and taste delicious. Sally’s tasty treats have got you covered from post workout snacks and healthy dinner options, to guilt-free desserts for those of you who may be more sweet then savoury.

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  1. @reececarter88, Reece Carter – Reece Carter, self-proclaimed ‘garden pharmacist’ and ‘herb nerd’ shares his herbal medicine remedies via his social channels and YouTube tutorials. Reece aims to inspire and empower his audience to nurture their inner greenie and find natural solutions in the garden and pantry.

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  1. @claireowellness, The Wellness Project – ‘Nothing makes me feel more alive, sparky and in love with life than when my mind, body and soul are humming along nicely’ says Mind-Body-Soul Coach Claire Obeid. ‘It’s like fitting all the pieces of the puzzle together’.

Through The Wellness Project Claire inspires others to make positive changes in their lives. ‘If I can be part of their journey – kick-starting it, supporting it, cheering them on – in some way, then that fills me up!’ she said. Claire is also Certified Holistic Health Coach and yoga teacher.

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  1. @melissaambrosini, Melissa Ambrosini – Melissa’s wellness philosophy promotes self-love and nurturing healthy and happy thoughts. She’s all for the power of positive thinking and empowering women to be fearless in their daily lives.
  1. @theholisticingredient, The Holistic Ingredient  – Since its launch in 2012, The Holistic Ingredient has inspired countless individuals across the world to ‘ignite a fire in every area of their lives’. Founder Amy Crawford posts uplifting quotes and gorgeous food and lifestyle snaps.

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  1. @ash_constance – With equal parts yoga, food and inspiring quotes, the Instagram account of doctor and ultra-bendy yoga specialist Ash Constance illustrates some of the incredible things the body can do, plus how to nourish and revive.


  1. @kirstygodso – If you’re in need of some serious fitspo the online home of Nike Master Trainer Kirsty Godso is a great place to start.
  1. @amandabisk, Amanda Bisk – Former Australian pole vaulter, Elite Athletics Coach, Exercise Physiologist and Yoga Instructor are but some of the impressive titles Amanda Bisk holds. She runs 12 week training programs online for those of you looking to kick-start your own fitness journey.

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  1. @nataliejillfit, Natalie Jill Fitness – ‘It wasn’t until I hit a rock bottom place in my life that fitness and nutrition helped me out of my depression and turned my life around’ says Natalie Jill of Natalie Jill Fitness. Now a Licensed Master Sports Nutritionist, Natalie combines her passion for fitness and healthy eating with her sales and marketing background to run her successful online business.

‘The best part about being a wellness influencer is I can take my passion and my knowledge and actually help empower others to become their better selves.’

Jill says the greatest challenge she faces is accepting that it isn’t possible to please everyone; however this is combated by working hard, focusing on her mission and to not allowing those who may be unsupportive to distract her focus and attention.

  1. @fit_with_el, Fit with El – While El may be a personal trainer she firmly believes in the benefits of maintaining a well-rounded lifestyle. It’s all about balance, and this means indulging on occasion too! Pizza anyone?
  1. @yogabeyond, YogaBeyond – Honza and Claudine Lafond inspire yogis across the globe with their incredible acrobatic yoga, or ‘acrovinyasa’ practice. This ultra-fit pair motivates and educates, carrying out challenging yoga moves with a smile – proof that taking care of both body and mind can be fun!

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