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 ’s New Health Campaign, The ‘Health-ucator’ Has Arrived!

So how can you find out more about private health insurance if you’re currently feeling clueless? The team at have come to the rescue! Aptly named ‘Health-ucator’ (i.e. the health educator), we’ve created a concise and comprehensive interactive health insurance platform that aims to educate Australians on anything and everything to do with health insurance – how it works, the different levels of cover, why it’s so beneficial to have, and other bits and pieces of information specifically designed to help you make an informed decision about the right health cover for you. Even better, we’ve broken this up into five main life stage sections that aim to address your specific health priorities and issues, based on your current life style and situation.

Apart from being a great source of information, the campaign also features highly interactive and stylistically engaging visuals that will ensure you’ll actually enjoy learning about health insurance. Who would’ve thought?!


Health Insurance: Both Vital and Versatile

ctmcampaignIf you’re wondering whether private health insurance is right for you, or even if you already have private health cover but are perhaps interested in shopping around for other policies,’s brand new Health-ucator can lend you a helping hand.

All the information you need to figure out what kind of policy would best benefit your health needs is packed neatly into five life stages. Whether you’re still young, footloose and fancy free, or you’re searching for comprehensive health cover for your entire family, we explore the ins and outs of health insurance that you’ll need to carefully consider.

There are a lot of misconceptions floating around about private health insurance. Some people think it could be handy to have but is something they would never really take advantage of. Others believe that it’s only really suitable for people who experience a lot of health problems. Others yet might conclude that all health insurance policies are highly expensive and thus unaffordable for the everyday Australian.

While these are perfectly understandable opinions, most of them are actually founded on untruths! The great thing about private health insurance in the modern world is that it’s a constantly expanding and evolving market, which means it’s grown to become a highly useful, versatile and affordable asset for many Australians today. Whatever your lifestyle, stage and situation, health insurance can benefit you by helping to improve your overall health, happiness wellbeing.


Health Insurance For Every Life Stage

Looking after your health is always an important priority, and knows that when it comes to healthcare, everyone has different priorities. Your health needs depend on a variety of factors, including your age, habits, and overall lifestyle, and as time goes on it’s likely that these health needs will change. This is why’s interactive health insurance campaign is split up into five main life stages:

  • Singles without Kids
  • Young Couples
  • Families with Young Children
  • Families with Older Kids, and
  • Empty Nesters

ctmcampaign2This way, the large majority of Australians have a great information source on private health insurance that speaks directly to their present and future health priorities. Each life stage of the interactive campaign provides manageable, bite-sized pieces of information that specifically discuss how having hospital and/or extras cover can be extremely beneficial if you’re a young and active single person, if you’re a young couple looking towards the future, if you’re a parent looking out for best interests of your young child’s health, and so on and so forth. The idea of the campaign is to spread awareness of health insurance’s versatility in this day and age; it’s now so easy to shop around for different policies to find the right health cover for you and your lifestyle, so that you’re only paying for exactly what you need. For example, young couples who are thinking about starting a family will definitely want to think about investing in a higher level hospital policy to ensure that they have cover for birth and pregnancy services. Empty nesters, on the hand, probably won’t have to worry about that specific type of cover!

Not only does the campaign provide readers with answers and explanations about health insurance itself, but each life stage also discusses how different government incentives and surcharges work in relation to private healthcare. So if you’ve ever been confused about the government’s private health insurance rebate or the Lifetime Health Cover (LHC) loading, can definitely shed some light on these topics!

So what are you waiting for? Check out comparethemarket’s interactive health insurance campaign now! Don’t forget to share the campaign on social media as well – that way, all your friends and family can learn about how private health insurance could improve their health, happiness and longevity.


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