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DIY-homeMoving into a new apartment or house is exciting, until you’re faced with unpacking all those boxes! Sometimes, especially if you’re moving out for the first time or into your first home, the space can feel empty and lifeless with so many empty rooms and blank walls. Whether you own or rent, decorating your humble abode is key to transforming it into a warm, inviting space that you can call ‘home’. However, decorating often comes at a price – off the shelf furniture and artwork may be beyond your budget but we’ve put together a few ways that you can decorate your home without blowing the budget.

Cover your walls

blackboard-studyThe first thing you should do to ensure you feel at home in is to decorate your walls. Wall art and decor doesn’t need to be expensive. Pick a wall, grab a can of chalkboard paint and paint yourself a blackboard. If you’re renting, grab a piece of plyboard from your local hardware store and paint a blackboard to hang or lean against the wall; make sure you prime the plyboard with some sealer first because the board is porous and will suck up the paint. If you’re renting, you may not be able to hang anything the conventional way but invest in some removable wall hangers that won’t damage the paintwork. Wall decals are a great way to decorate your walls with minimal effort and little expense; they are also easy to remove.

Brighten up your bathroom

shower-curtainBathrooms and toilets may not be the most interesting spaces in your home but with a few cheap and cheerful accents you can brighten up even the most boring space. Replace your shower curtain; there are hundreds of chic, colourful and downright fun designs on the market. White is boring – invest in some colourful towels (maybe a theme colour inspired by your new shower curtain); towels from cut-price fabric stores tend to be less expensive than those sold in homewares stores, so shop carefully. Say it with storage – a cluttered bathroom is a domestic nightmare. If your bathroom lacks storage, try repurposing wooden crates or small drawers for wall boxes/shelves; you can find them at second-hand shops or trawl through a neighbourhood verge collection and grab them for free!


jewellery-treeRepurposing secondhand or vintage items, mixing and matching eras, textures and materials adds warmth and charm to any space and ‘upcycling’ is very in vogue right now. Furniture can cost a fortune – even the emperor of flat pack furniture can be a killer on your wallet. Save money where you can by upcycling to create your own unique pieces of furniture and decor. Occasional seating for visiting friends and family is essential but can be pricey. Make your own by converting a step-stool, log cutoff, cable drum or an old pile of magazines into stool. The key to upcycling is being crafty with your materials – many items can be repurposed with a little creativity and elbow grease. Pinterest is the DIY upcyclers best friend! Materials are often cheap or free – visit your local tip as they separate out some items that can be recycled or upcycled that others just throw away.  Head down to your local beach or go on a bush walk; driftwood, shells and sticks can be repurposed for coatracks, jewellery trees and general decor.

Bring the outside in

indoor-plantsNo matter what type of abode you have, bringing the outside in will make your house or apartment feel like a home. Choose a few indoor plants to camouflage awkward or useless corners and use your window sills. You can choose house plants or, if you have enough sunlight available, plant an indoor herb garden. Not only will it smell amazing but you can use the fresh herbs in your cooking and save a bundle at the shops! Plants inside the home help filter the air and produce oxygen, making your home a happy, healthy place to be. Fancy up your pots with paint, twine, shells or small stones or use recycled glass mason jars.

Decorating your new home may feel overwhelming but take it slowly and you’ll create a home to be proud of. Work room by room and remember – Rome wasn’t built in a day! Make sure you protect the home you’ve created by comparing Home and Contents insurance and selecting a policy that suits your needs and budget. Ready, set, decorate!



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