ensurance-logoEnsurance Underwriting in Partnership with SHC Insurance Brokers

Ensurance Underwriting and SHC Insurance Brokers are part of the Ensurance group of companies who have been distributing insurance products through innovative solutions for the past 27 years.  They protect Australians and their assets by ensuring every aspect of your insurance is managed within their business from the initial Insurance advice and choice of products, to assistance with claims.

About Ensurance Underwriting

Ensurance Underwriting acts as agent for Lloyd’s of London, the oldest Insurer in the world, who entrust their brand and reputation to a business known for innovative product development at a competitive price.  Ensurance Underwriting is the only Insurer in Australia that offers monthly renewal option, meaning you can take a policy out for any period you wish with no penalties for changes or cancellations, truly allowing you to customise your insurance requirements.

About SHC Insurance Brokers

SHC Insurance Brokers has been providing personalised Insurance solutions to Australians since 1991. They also assist customers with the management of the claims process to help ensure claims are paid through their partnering Insurers. SHC represents the insured customer and not the Insurer.

Policy Benefits

Ensurance Underwriting is able to provide a level of building and contents cover designed to help keep costs down but still cover you for all of the major events. If you’re looking to keep cover to a minimum and don’t want to pay for all of the additional features (which most policy holders rarely call upon) of some other policies, then home and contents cover from Ensurance may provide you with the right combination of cover and price for great value.

Included in cover

  • Fire
  • Theft & Burglary
  • Storm
  • Flood (Optional)
  • Malicious Damage
  • Earthquake
  • Lightning

Why Choose Ensurance Underwriting For Home & Contents Cover

  • Rating for your individual risk address through their unique software solution, meaning you are not paying for other people’s risk or subsidising their premiums.
  • Why enter into a 12 month contract when you can buy their unique month to month insurance policy providing greater flexibility.
  • Contact a home insurance specialist on the telephone or online for assistance.
  • Excess options available up to $1000 for greater savings on premiums.
  • In the event of a claim they act on your behalf and are able to escalate claims at the highest level with insurers to achieve positive outcomes and get you back in your home faster.

Cooling Off period: If you have not made a claim, you can cancel the policy within 21 days of the purchase date (including the renewal date) and receive a refund of premium paid.

For a complete statement of cover offered, exclusions, conditions and limits that apply under each policy, you should carefully read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) before deciding if any of these policies are right for you.

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