Travel insurance for surfers

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Last updated March 26, 2024

Expert tips for choosing travel insurance for surfers

If you’re unsure what to consider when choosing travel insurance for surfers, our Executive General Manager of General Insurance, Adrian Taylor, has a few pointers to help you search for a suitable policy.

Adrian Taylor
Executive General Manager – General Insurance

Get covered for cancellations early

Purchase travel insurance as soon as you make a booking and pay any deposits and final amounts to ensure you have cancellation cover should you need to cancel your trip due to an unforeseen event. Cancellation cover may also reimburse you for pre-paid events, like surf lessons.

Consider comprehensive cover for higher claim limits

Surfboards can be a high-value item; it’s important to check your claim limits for damage, loss or theft to check what level of cover you need to be adequately covered. A comprehensive travel insurance policy will typically have the highest claim limits.

Be aware of exclusions to your cover

Read the PDS to understand the exclusions, limits and sub-limits of your cover so you don’t get caught out. For example, don’t leave your surfboard unattended in public, as theft claims for unattended belongings may not be accepted.

How can I get travel insurance for surfing?

A comprehensive travel insurance policy may cover a range of water-based activities as standard or as an optional extra. Many insurance providers will cover surfing in their standard policies, although the level of cover will differ between providers and their plans.

If travel insurance for surfing is not included in your standard cover, you may still be able to get cover through an adventure or water sports pack. Adding travel insurance for surfing as an optional extra to your policy may cost you more in premiums; however, it may be worth it for peace of mind, especially considering how expensive medical bills can be overseas.

You’ll also need to be aware of any restrictions on this cover. For instance, some providers may only cover you if you go less than two nautical miles out to sea.

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Meet our travel insurance expert, Adrian Taylor

Adrian Taylor
Executive General Manager – General Insurance

As the Executive General Manager of General Insurance, Adrian Taylor believes in educating customers about the importance of travel insurance so that anyone can kick back and make the most of their time away from home. While no one wants a disrupted holiday, a suitable travel insurance policy can provide a financial safety net for yourself, your belongings and your trip in case things go wrong.