What Your Car Colour Says About You!


The colour of your car reveals a lot about your personality, gender, age and how you want to be perceived by the world. Intrigued? Here’s what your car colour says about you:




You’re neat and tidy. When you go out to dinner you order the chicken – always. Your vehicle is designed to move you from point A to point B in the most efficient and economical way possible. You chose your car because it was practical and inconspicuous; plus white is timeless, so your car won’t date as quickly. You prefer to blend in rather than draw attention to yourself unnecessarily. Your definition of living on the edge is to get a pearl-white instead of matte white car; a little bit fancy but nothing extravagant.




You’re glamorous and sophisticated. You never leave the house in your pyjamas. You’re strong and determined. You’re probably the boss or plan on being one someday. You’re always in control. You think that limousines should be black; you are luxury, personified. You appreciate the finer things in life – fine art, fine music and fine wine.




You’re powerful and pragmatic. You don’t waste time or money on things or people you don’t value. You’re traditionally elegant without being showy. It’s possible you drove a white car at some point in your life but now, you’re more confident and willing to commit to a colour, albeit a psychologically-neutral one. You don’t rock the boat, unless you absolutely have to, in which case you rock it gently and diplomatically.




You’re sexy and excitable. You love being the centre of attention, even though you may not seek it. You want to stand out in a crowd. You’re on-trend, friendly and energetic, and no one would ever call you boring. You love life and intend to live it faster than some. If you’ve got a convertible, you frequently drive with the top down (unless it’s raining of course). You’re living life in the here and now!




You’re happy – like, uber happy! You’re the embodiment of ‘Hakuna Matata’ – in fact, you’ve been known to recite this once or twice! Each car trip is like community service, as your car is like a giant smiley face, turning traffic-induced frowns upside down for anyone who sees you. You’re like that in real life too; you bounce into a room full of energy and enthusiasm, an infusion of charm and cheer. You enjoy googling pictures of furry creatures on your lunch break – in fact, the cute kitten meme was invented just for you.




You’re intelligent and efficient. You’re a trustworthy and deliberate driver. You’re always nominated by your friends as the designated driver and you revel in the position of respect and privilege. You’re economical and practical; no flashy sports cars for you – a minivan, sedan or, at a push, a moderate SUV is more your flavour. You’re calm in a crisis. You are the epitome of stable.




You’re calm and balanced. You enjoy yoga and meditation. You prefer walking and only use your car as an absolute necessity. You may be a homebody who loves gardening, bird-watching and environmental documentaries. You are a peaceful soul. You’re not fashion-forward but that doesn’t bother you; inner peace is more important.




You’re loving and kind. You enjoy tranquillity and simplicity. You’re a social creature and you love your car because it transports you from social occasion to social occasion. You’re young or young at heart.

The Final Word

In recent years, car colours have tended to follow fashion trends, so if you’re wondering what the hot car colours will be next year, turn to the current catwalks in Paris, Milan and New York for a clue. 2014/15 favours a dizzying combination of stark mineralised tones and rich gemstone hues. Think frosty whites, carbon black, sandy grey, warm copper, amber and marigold or turquoise, seaweed green, deep aquatic blue and lime.

When it comes to choosing one car over another, most people would agree that colour is vital. To some, it’s an expression of who you are. Regardless of your preference, the one constant among all drivers is the need for protection on the road. If you’re stepping into a new car, or simply curious to see if you can get a better deal than your current policy, why not compare comprehensive car insurance policies to make sure you’re getting a great deal for your car and budget.

Happy driving!

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