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We currently do not offer travel insurance policies from Real Travel Insurance through our comparison service. See the full list of brands we compare for more information.

Why do you need travel insurance?

When packing your travel essentials, you shouldn’t forget your travel insurance! You never know when things might go wrong on your trip, but you can plan for it. A travel insurance policy can cover you for overseas hospital and medical expenses, theft and loss of luggage and personal belongings, trip cancellations, additional expenses and much more. By purchasing the right travel insurance, you can relax on your holiday with both peace of mind and protection against the unexpected.

And how do you look for the right insurer? You compare.

Why should you compare travel insurance?

No two holidays are the same, so travel insurance has different levels of cover and a variety of possible add-ons to ensure you’re protected. But trying to identify which policies are relevant to your itinerary can be difficult to do alone.

Compare the Market’s free travel insurance comparison tool will let you compare products and prices all in one place. We simplify the process to help you find a policy with the cover you need without breaking your budget.

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