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Why TUH Health Fund?

  • TUH has been supporting the health of its members and their families for over 40 years.
  • TUH is 100% owned by its members. Which means profits go straight back into offering better products and services for you.
  • TUH has a range of quality products that will suit you through your different life stages.
  • Children are covered up to age 21.
  • Generous extras benefits which means more in your pocket.
  • Different hospital excess levels are available on most products to make premiums more affordable.
  • Better cover. Better health. Better life. It’s what makes TUH all together better.

About the health fund

Over forty years ago TUH Health Fund was started by a group of teachers wanting better health insurance. And while TUH now protects the health of Australians from a vast range of industries their approach is the same. It believes in fairness and everyone being treated as an individual, not a number. It’s what makes TUH all together better.

Claiming Options:

So many ways to claim your extras. Choose the way that suits you best:

  • Swipe your TUH membership card to claim on the spot at the provider.
  • Use Member Services Online for the majority of extras claims with no need to scan reciepts.
  • Upload claims via the TUH Claiming app.
  • Post or email your claim form.
  • Visit the TUH Health Hub.

For hospital claims, the hospital usually sends the bill to TUH for payment.

Why choose TUH:

  • TUH Health Fund provides current and former union members and their families with a range of value for money products and services tailored to suit their needs.
  • TUH is member owned by people like you.
  • You get quality care that keeps getting better, with over 10% more benefits paid per person to members than the industry average last year.*
  • You can use any dentist or optometrist in Australia.
  • TUH is growing five times faster than the industry average**, with over half their new members recommended by family and friends.

*Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (Sep 2014-2015)
**Privatehealth.gov.au/FAQ (Jan-Dec 2015)

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