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12 Mar 2019 10:02

Four strange things that could be hiding in your home

Written by James McCay

If you're doing some work around the home you might find something strange under the walls. Learn more about some of the craziest things Australians might have hidden inside their homes. Read more.

8 Mar 2019 10:24

Renovating a heritage home? Here’s what you need to know

Written by Megan Birot

Renovating a heritage home comes with a slew of restrictions on what you can and can't do when 'doing it up'. Check out our quick guide here.

30 Jan 2019 09:16

How your rental home could make you sick

Written by Megan Birot

Find out how mould could be impacting your home and health and what medical conditions are linked to mould exposure. Get tips on how to remove household mould and find out your rights as a tenant or landlord regarding mould control.

7 Jan 2019 10:50

What do we really know about squatting in Australia?

Written by Jared Mullane

Squatting in Australia has a history dating back to the 1800s. Find out what laws protect squatters, the main factors behind people laying claim to properties and how to keep unwelcome visitors away from your property. Read more.

4 Jan 2019 16:34

Swimming pool ownership is on the rise. What should you know about getting a pool?

Written by Eliza Buglar

A recent study has shown that swimming pool ownership is Australia has increased over the last four years. Now that summer has arrived, find out some of the important things you need to know about getting a pool.

22 Nov 2018 11:52

Are our bee populations in decline?

Written by Eliza Buglar

Bees play a vital role in our ecosystems which not only benefits the environment but humans too, so why are the bee populations declining? Learn more about what’s causing the decline, some potential outcomes, and what we can do to help.

10 Sep 2018 13:25

8 home accidents householders can surprisingly be reimbursed for

Written by Hannah Twiggs

From pet damage to credit card fraud; there are myriad incidents that householders can be reimbursed for and comparethemarket.com.au reveals the most surprising ones

29 Jun 2018 16:09

How fraudulent insurance claims are costing you money

Written by Jared Mullane

What is insurance fraud? Learn how fraudulent claims affect you, the different types of insurance frauds, consequences of fraud, what is being done to combat crime, and how you can report it. Read more.

4 Dec 2017 14:49

7 cost-cutting mistakes that could lead to financial blow-outs for stingy landlords

Written by Hannah Twiggs

Australia’s property market has been a great wealth-creation vehicle for investors, but those who cut corners could face financial blow-outs.

27 Sep 2017 13:44

The bad home habits that may have 2 in 3 households with no protection against theft

Written by Compare the Market

The saying ‘you never know if you’re insured until you make a claim’ may ring true for millions of Australians, new data indicates.

6 Dec 2016 07:00

How to pocket an extra $1,378 in 2017

Written by Compare the Market

Here is a savings scheme for 2017 that will help you to save $1,378 in just one year – follow our tips and tricks to get there.

7 Nov 2016 12:27

Turn the tables on an underinsured home

Written by Compare the Market

What’s the main reason behind underinsurance problem? Many Australian homeowners fear they will be out of pocket after getting home and contents insurance.