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16 May 2022 10:05

Natural disaster preppers

Written by Noémi Hadnagy

We always assume that we’re going to be ready no matter what might come our way, but is that really the case? Compare the Market quizzed people to see how prepared they are when it comes to natural disasters.

The worlds most popular architectural designs social

28 Apr 2022 17:12

Most loved architectural design styles by country

Written by Compare the Market

Architecture varies so much across the world – but which architectural design styles are favoured by different countries? Find out in our latest blog!

a woman smiling as she drives a car

8 Feb 2022 16:09

Will insurance bundling help you save money?

Written by Compare the Market

Will insurance bundling help you save money?

Renting vs Buying social

13 Jan 2022 10:10

Renting vs Buying

Written by Compare the Market

Where in the world is it cheaper to buy a property than to rent?

Most Tattooed TV Shows featured social

14 Dec 2021 09:27

TV Tattoos

Written by Compare the Market

We’ve looked at the most tattooed TV shows and characters

16 Sep 2021 13:58

WFH? Ways to save on home office supplies

Written by Compare the Market

We take a look at the cost of building a home office and ways to save on your WFH essentials.

29 Jun 2021 16:04

A trail of destruction: The economies destroyed by natural disasters

Written by Phillip Portman

There have been many natural disasters in the past two decades, but which caused the most destruction? What impact did they have on the economy? Let’s find out!

8 Jun 2021 11:02

Global kitchen renovations: Who’s got the biggest appetite?

Written by James McCay

Renovating a kitchen can really make a huge difference to a home. We explore the average costs of kitchen renovations around the world.

20 Apr 2021 12:46

The global console wars

Written by James McCay

For decades gaming consoles have been competing for domination. We explore the popularity of Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo, focusing on online activity.

4 Jun 2020 17:03

Student Accommodation Guide

Written by Michael Tabet

Going to university? Discover student accommodation options and costs in Australia, and find out whether shared student accommodation, campus living or homestays is right for you.