Looking back, 2013 can be remembered as the year the total value of cars and other vehicles stolen in Australia surpassed half a billion dollars – basically the same amount of  money that Larry Ellison spent on a whole island in Hawaii.

In 2013, there were 43,380 passenger vehicle thefts in Australia. On average, 156 vehicles were stolen each day, with three in every four of those recovered. Notably, 48% of thefts occurred at a residence.

Most worryingly, however, is that approximately 50 vehicles were stolen and turned into scrap metal each week of the year. Nobody wants their set of wheels to be sold for parts or scrapped against their will!

There are several anti-vehicle theft precautions you need to take, like securely parking your vehicle, keeping it locked at all times and fitting it with an Australian-standard immobiliser. In addition, taking out car insurance gives you a financial shield against potential theft or damage.